Spy x Family Season 1 Episode 10 English Dub

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There is a rumor among the first graders at Eden Academy that if they do well in their next PE class, they will be rewarded with Stella Stars. Determined to get the Stella Star, Anya trains with Yor. So begins the dodgeball match between Cecile Hall and Wald Hall! Anya and her classmates are determined to win, but face the giant Bill Watkins.


At 5:34, Henry Henderson races around Eden Academy. After finishing his run, he heads to the Cecile Hall dormitory to take a shower. After showering, he puts on his suit and starts making tea. A dorm teacher walks in and they both say good morning. Henry invites the lecturer to tea and the lecturer is happy to join.

Henry pours hot water into the kettle, pours the tea mixture into their cups, and then pours the water from the kettle into the cups. The teacher comments on how long it's been since Henry was in charge of the elementary school kids and asks how they are doing, and Henry says they have a promise. The teacher then mentions how Henry had to give Anya the Tonitrus Bolt on the first day. Henry admits that this was a rare occurrence for their school and he only did what was necessary; good deeds will be praised and bad behavior will be punished. The teacher says that he has a lot to learn from Henry, while Henry says that as the elementary school students learn true elegance every day, the school's traditions will live on.

In the dorm common room, Damian looks seriously at a group photo taken at orientation, standing alone. Ewen and Emile ran to him with a photo album. They show Damian a photo of his older brother and find other photos of him in the album, impressed with his accomplishments and status as an Imperial scholar, while Damian has a sad look on his face. Ewen tells Damian that he's sure Damian will become an Imperial Scholar even faster and be the first to get Stella in his class. Emile mentions that they still have a while before exams and says that his first chance will be in P.E. class next week, where there will be a dodgeball tournament with other classes. Ewen then reveals that he heard from his friend who heard from their friend that the MVP of the game will be awarded to Stella.

At 7:58 he is reading a book on the history of Eden and listening to music on his phonograph. He finishes reading and looks out the window, ready for another classy day at Eden Academy. However, he is instead greeted by Damian, Emile and Ewen fighting Anya and Becky. Henry looks disappointed that he has to deal with this so early in the morning.

Anya returns home to tell Loid a rumor she heard from Becky that she has a chance to win the Stella Star in P.E. class. Loid doubts it, but Yor is determined to help an excited Anya have a good time, and the two prepare to play dodgeball. Yor subjects Anya to several training methods and teaches her a "killer move."

On the day of the game, Anya, Becky and Damian's gang have a bit of a fight before taking the court. Henderson announces that he will be overseeing the interclass dodgeball game between Cecile Hall and Wald Hall because Coach Bobby is sick.

Damian throws the first ball and aims for Bill Watkins, a big, muscular student from Wald Hall, who easily catches it. Bill throws the ball back at Cecil's team, knocking out 4 of his team. Believing in his victory, Bill recalls his practice for the game and his father's words of encouragement. Becky tries to pull him out, but he ends up catching the ball and throwing it right at her, eliminating her. Damian, Ewen, and Emile attempt to take Bill out together, but Ewen and Emile are eventually eliminated, leaving only Damian, Anya, and another student on Cecile Hall's team.

While Damian plans to survive and excel, Bill decides to go after Anya next. He throws a low ball at her, but she reads his mind and jumps to avoid him. She throws three more shots, but they all miss her, with the last one hitting an unnamed student. Damian praises her dodging skills as Anya approaches out of bounds. Becky notices this and yells at Anya to watch out for people out of bounds. Anya tries to back away but trips and falls.

Bill sees his chance and throws the ball towards Anya, yelling, "Die!!!" Damian looks at her ruefully, but ends up jumping in the ball's way and trying to grab him. In the end, he fails and is eliminated. Damian realizes that he can't win MVP now, which upsets him. Acknowledging Damian's selfless act, Anya announces that she will avenge Damian's 'death'. After remembering Yor's training, Anya uses her "killer move" and throws the ball at Bill. However, the ball hits the ground and bounces to Bill, who throws the ball back and hits her.

Bill and his team were excited, they thought he was going to get the Stella Star. However, Henry informs them that they are not giving Stella stars for simple P.E. game, but he may have to give Bill a Tonitrus Bolt for his inappropriate language. Damian rushes over to Anya and yells at her for wasting her sacrifice. When their friends join in and start arguing, Henry has a change of heart after deeming the kids worthy of the Stella Star for their teamwork.