Spy x Family Season 1 Episode 2: Operation Strix English Dub

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Civil servant Yor Briar has a secret identity: an assassin named The Thorn Princess. Recently, single women had been suspected of espionage, which made Yora nervous. Meanwhile, Loid was looking for someone to play Anya's mother so they could attend an interview at Eden College. They happen to run into Yora at a boutique. Anya reads Yor's mind and discovers that he is a murderer and tries to get Loid to ask Yor to play her mother


Loid needs a woman to interview, so he calls Franky and dresses him up as a woman. However, he and Anya do not like the result. Franky complains and says that Loid could have done a better job with the makeup, but Loid explains that it's the best he can do with his figure and height. Twilight remembers the goal of Operation Strix and has no choice but to find a wife.

At Berlin City Hall, Camilla gossips about a thief who entered their office and only searched the drawers for information about the girls. However, Millie finds the section chief much more terrifying because he keeps looking at her. Sharon claims it's because of the short skirts Millie wears, but Millie explains it's because her boyfriend likes them. They see Yor making coffee for the Section Chief and they suggest adding boogers, but Yor wonders if it will make the coffee taste better. Seeing how aloof she is, they comment that guys probably stay away from her, but she has a nice body and face, and if she uses better clothes and makeup, she'll be quite attractive. Yor is fine at her job, but Camilla points out that she's 27 and still single. And with the rise of spies, people have started reporting anything slightly suspicious, including a recent case where neighbors reported a single woman in her early twenties, who was taken in for questioning. Camilla claims she has a party this weekend and invites Yor to come with a partner.

Later that night, Yor receives a call from her brother Yuri. He is worried about her because she is a bit unusual and he is wondering when she will get married. Yuri explains that there's a chance he'll be promoted and even busier, but he's afraid to leave Yor alone. He suggests introducing her to someone, but Yor lies that he's going to a party this weekend with his partner. Hearing this at Camila's party, Yuri says that she will ask Dominika what kind of guy Yor is dating and she'll drive him away if necessary. When she hangs up, Yor begins to wonder what to do, worried that Yuri will lose even more trust in her if he finds out that she lied. The phone rings again and Yor rushes to pick it up to tell Yuri that he's joking. However, it's the salesman on the other end, and he says he has a client for the "Princess of Thorns" at the Royal Hotel, room 1307. Yor heads to the location, where the guards tell her that the floor is reserved and she needs to leave. Yor says she heard there are treacherous goons staying there and killing the guards with blades. When she enters the room, she explains that she is there to kill Deputy Secretary Brennan of the audit department and proceeds to kill everyone inside. Yor is an assassin codenamed Thorn Princess who learned these skills from a young age and has been doing the dirty work ever since. As she washes off the blood, she sees that she has ruined her only good dress. Looking at the people she killed and remembering that she needs a mate, Yor claims that the only household skill she has is cleaning.

The next day, Franky gives Lloyd copies of all the unmarried women files from City Hall. Finding a woman who doesn't care that he is divorced with a child, is refined enough to attend a prestigious school, and is willing to marry within 48 hours would be a miracle. Anya wonders if her presence is a problem, but Loid assures her it isn't and tells her to watch TV. Franky wonders why Loid isn't using an agent from his job, but Loid says he hasn't found a suitable match since many of them have been caught in recent spy hunts. In addition to the lack of agents, Loid also has the task of eliminating a certain smuggling ring. As they go through the files, Franky suggests that the fastest way would be to find a woman in bad circumstances to work with him. However, Loid wants to avoid any risk. Franky then points out that Anya is risky because she doesn't look "rich." Loid agrees and decides to get Anya some new clothes.

Loid and Anya go to a tailor, and as Anya gets measured, Loid remembers the files of the women who work there. Suddenly, Yor walks past him without noticing, bringing the dress she ruined for him to mend. Loid remembers her constituents, a single woman with both deceased parents and a younger brother who also works as a civil servant with a clean record. Yor notices Loid staring at her and asks him why. Surprised when she noticed his gaze, Loid stated that he admired her beauty. Yor hears that he likes her looks and knows she needs a partner, and is about to ask him out, but Anya cuts him off. Seeing that Loid has a child, Yor backs off, having heard that women have been killed by their wives for trying to steal their husbands. Mind-reading Anya discovers that Yor is an assassin, and standing next to the spy Anya is very excited. Anya then reads Loid and Yor's mind as they considered each other as potential partners, but both decided to back off. Anya then starts acting lonely and says she doesn't have a mother. This prompts Yoro to ask Loid about it, and he explains that his wife died two years ago. When Yor finds out, she decides to ask him to be her party partner. After explaining his situation, Loid agrees, but on the condition that Yor pretend to be his wife during Anya's school interview, per "his wife's dying wish". Yor admires this and agrees, and the two then agree to meet again at the party on Saturday.

While shopping with Anya, Loid receives instructions from the cashier for his extra mission in exchange for a fake coin. When he deciphers it, he discovers that he needs to retrieve the stolen artwork and take down the smuggling ring, and he has to complete the mission on Saturday at 6pm, which happens to be the same day as the party. On Saturday, he decides to take Franky with him to complete the mission faster and attend the party. Franky is against it because he's not good at fighting, and Loid has limited his card. However, Loid offers to leave him one of the art pieces, which motivates Franky. They manage to get the items, but they face a large number of enemies, but Loid can handle them. When backup arrives, they get into a van and flee. As Franky wonders which item will disappear, Loid sees a diamond ring and decides to take it, but while Franky claims it is an expensive item, reinforcements catch up to them and cause them to crash.

Meanwhile, Yor waited for Loid, who did not arrive. To maintain her relationship with her co-workers, she goes to the party alone. There, Yor apologizes for the delay and says that her partner couldn't come. Her co-workers then gossip that they were sure her boyfriend didn't exist. Dominic is sorry he couldn't meet Yor's friend. Yor asks him if he can tell her brother that she was with a kind gentleman, but Camilla disagrees, saying that she will make sure Yuri knows that she came alone. Yor then sits alone, looking out into the crowd, believing that this is the "normal" she can never have. Yor decides to leave, but just then the damn Loid appears, apologizing for being late and introducing himself as Yor's husband, mixing up his mission and hers. Loid explains that he is a psychiatrist and that one of his patients had a violent episode. Camilla is surprised to hear that Yor is actually married and asks why she didn't tell. Loid explains that it must have been hard to raise because it's his second marriage and he has a child from his first. Camilla gets angry, she doesn't want to believe that Yor has a handsome husband. Wanting to embarrass her, Camilla pulls out a hot gratin dish and pretends to trip as she throws it at Yor. However, Yor manages to catch the tray with his feet. Loid admires her determination not to waste food, but points out that she must not use her feet to pick up the tray. Camilla then tries to tell Lloyd that Yor did some shady work before she worked at City Hall where she was called to hotel rooms to do "massages". Since it was a cover-up for her assassinations, she tries to explain it to Lloyd, but he interrupts her by stating that it was amazing. Loid then explains that Yor lost her parents at a young age and did everything to take care of her younger brother, and it takes an incredible amount of sacrifice to sacrifice yourself for someone else.

Loid and Yor then leave and Loid apologizes for saying it was her husband. The van is attacked by some of the remaining reinforcements, making Lloyd wonder if there was a tracking device in the artwork. He explains that some of his patients still haven't recovered from their psychotic episodes and have to run away. They leave the van and then Lloyd manages to knock out the two men and explain that he uses the concussion method of recovery. Loid is attacked by two more men and manages to knock down the first, but before the second can hit him, Yor kicks him away. She apologizes for helping her recover and claims she learned self-defense from her brother. To her surprise, Loid is stunned by this and they laugh at how she sent their attacker flying. They continue to run and beat more men. As they run away, Yor suggests they get married, which shocks Loid. Yor explains that she is considered suspicious for being single and that they can stay together for both of them. Loid agrees and wishes for them to go to City Hall right away. He reaches into his pocket only to find a hole and realizes he has lost his diamond ring. As more men appear and they take cover, Loid takes a grenade, pulls out a ring and throws it at the men. As the men explode, Loid uses the grenade ring to propose to Yor, and she accepts.