Spy x Family Season 1 Episode 3 English Dub

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Yor moves in with Loid and Anya. Now that they are a family, they have to prepare for the interview. But Loid realizes with Anya and Yor's current state that the conversation probably won't go well. To make sure everyone understands what an upper class family should be like, Loid decides that they should all go out as a family. They go to the theater and the museum, but it just doesn't click with Anya and Yor. Twilight begins to lose hope,


Yor moves into Loid's house. He explains that they will have different rooms, but will share one for performances whenever they have guests. Anya is happy to have a mother now and helps Yor unpack. Loid claims that he had a judge friend who made them a marriage certificate a year ago (which Franky actually forged) and later figures out the reason they've been living apart until now and what to tell Yor's brother. Anya then takes Yoro around the house and finally Yoro's room. Loid wonders if Yor likes the furniture arrangement and says he cleaned up the room a bit. Yor likes this and Anya tries to explain that she helped clean up, but Loid claims she just knocked over a bucket of water. After Yor quickly unpacks her boxes, Loid notices a picture of Yor and her brother and figures he should introduce himself after Anya's exam is over. Yor explains that she doesn't have anything suitable for the interview, but Loid tells her they're going to the tailor. Wanting to help, Anya sees an unopened box and tries to open it, but Yor stops her as it contains her weapons and poisons.

Loid makes some cookies while Yor makes coffee. As they eat, Yor is impressed by the cookies and Anya claims that she helped make them. However, Loid explains that she was only covered in flour and then ate peanuts. After they finish, they train for an interview at Eden College, where Loid explains that the prestigious school rates parents and children based on their social status and how cultured they are. Acting as an interviewer, Loid asks Anya for her name and address, to which she answers incorrectly. Loid then asks her how she spends her days off, and Anya says that her father ordered her to stay home, so she ends up watching TV alone. Loid says that makes a terrible impression and turns to Yor, asking her why she chose Eden College and how she plans to pass the exam. Yor thinks about how people "die" and lists several reasons why a person can die. Loid follows up with another question, asking her to describe her parenting methods. I'm thinking Yor says one should strike first to win. Loid feels that he should give up and passing the interview would be impossible. He suggests that they go out and learn more about what is normal for an upper class family.

The new family heads out and Anya wants to hold hands with Yor, who happily obliges. Yor remembers how she held her younger brother's hand, but thinks she should be more careful when she remembers how she hugged him and broke two of his ribs. Anya hears these thoughts and runs away from Yor. Loid then takes them to the opera to enjoy world-class music, but the experience simply leaves Yor confused and Anya dozing off. He then takes them to an art museum, where Anya shouts obscenities while Yor is mesmerized by a painting of a guillotine. Anya sees a children's place where children can draw and wishes to do so. Loid lets her while he and Yor take a break. Anya decides to draw her family, but once she's done and Loid arrives, she believes that if he sees it, he can figure out her powers and tries to cover it up. To her relief, Loid assumes that all the drawings are related to the spy series he watches. Afterwards, Loid takes them to a tailor, who suggests he make a navy blue semi-formal dress for Yor. Yor finds the color beautiful, but usually prefers black or red clothing, as blood splatters more easily from the cover. After ordering some clothes and leaving, and since Yor is a regular at the tailor, Loid suggests telling the tailor the next time they visit that they're married. Next, they go to the photographer and take pictures of the family.

Since patriotism is important at Eden College, Loid takes them to a meeting of the Nationalist Party, which proposes a possible peace with the West. With her ability, Anya is overwhelmed by everyone's thoughts and feels sick. Loid figures she's not good with crowds, and the family leaves. Anya eventually stops hearing thoughts and then states that she is hungry. Loid takes them to a restaurant, where Anya hand-picks and eats nuts from her establishment, while Yor is fascinated by the knife, causing Loid to lose heart over the success of the mission. Although he notes that this is because he is expected to rely on others, he tries to find an alternative way to pass the interview. Yor sees Loid thinking a lot and suggests they get some fresh air. He takes them to a park on a hill with a good view of the city. As they enjoy the view, they see a man robbing an old woman. Yor quickly jumps in and starts chasing the man, but loses him. Loid tries to track him down, but also loses him when he enters a crowded street. Anya then uses her ability and reads everyone's minds, but she starts to feel sick and her nose bleeds. While tending to her, Loid finds the thief and shows it to Loid, who notices that the man has changed clothes, but his way of walking is the same. When Yor joins them, Loid leaves Anya to her and jumps in to capture the thief. When he knocks him down, he retrieves the stolen wallet and informs the crowd that the man is a wallet thief and to call the police on him. The family returns the wallet to the old woman and accompanies her to the hospital. The woman explains that her money was for a gift for her grandchild. He gratefully thanks them for their help and claims that they are a good family.

Back home, Loid decides to do the fake interview again with much better results, at least until Anya remembers that Loid jumped the thief in response. Anya claims that Loid was fine, and Yor confirms this. Looking at them and remembering what the old woman said, he feels that one percent of his preparations are complete.