Spy x Family Season 1 Episode 5 English Dub

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The day for Eden College to announce the successful applicants has finally arrived, but Anya's number is not listed. The counterfeiters fall into the depths of despair, but Henderson welcomes them. She compliments them on the interview and tells them that Anya is at the top of the waiting list. Three days later, they find out that Anya has made it to school! Franky comes to celebrate with the Forgers and they all agree to reward Anya for working so hard.


At WISE headquarters, Chief Twilight is informed by his secretary that the Eden Academy admissions results will be announced today. However, the Chief isn't worried, knowing that Twilight is the best spy, and soon contacts them to say that he got inside. Meanwhile, on their way to check the results, Loid and his family encounter a series of "unfortunate" events. . When they get to the admissions results, to their shock they can't find Anya's name.

Realizing that they have failed, the depressed Forgers decide to head home. Henry Henderson approaches them and shows them a confidential waiting list of successful applicants, with Anya at the top. Henry explains that if one of the successful applicants decides to withdraw, Anya will get into the school. Loid is surprised, given what they've done, but Henry claims that mosquitoes are the number one killer and Loid, who saved Murdoch Swan from it, raises their points. Yor will realize if no one withdraws. He momentarily imagines killing the applicant's father so that Anya can get in, but decides not to because he must not kill an innocent person. Henry tells the Counterfeiters to wait for the call as usual, only a few applicants come down each year. However, he explains that due to his actions against Murdoch, he may not be a teacher for long. Loid wonders who will be more useful between Henry and Murdoch, but is prepared to destroy Murdoch if he gets in his way.

Three days later, the Forgers are still waiting for a phone call. When the phone rings, Loid rushes to it and picks it up. When she hangs up, she informs Yor and Anya that Anya is inside, so they're all happy. A few moments later, Franky, who already knows what happened, arrives and brings them wine to celebrate. As they celebrate, a drunken Franky slips that he sold Loid the answers to the test, but Yor is drunk and doesn't hear them. Franky tells Anya that Loid will buy her anything she wants as a reward. Anya says she doesn't want anything, but she wishes to do something. Anya shows Spy Wars and wants Loid to rescue her from the castle. Loid refuses, but Franky explains that the castle from the show has been converted into a theme park and is for rent. Franky then convinces Loid to reward Anya and Loid eventually accepts. Loid then contacts WISE and informs them that he has made it to Eden. He also asks for a plane, and thinking it's an emergency, they immediately send him one. The counterfeiters and Franky then get on the plane and head towards the castle.

At the castle, Anya and Franky are excited and running around, but soon Anya stops, saying that it's no fun without enemies or servants. Franky agrees with her and tells Lloyd to come forward. Loid then contacts his agency again and requests as many agents as they can send. WISE then calls all agents in Ostania to take an alert for an SS rank mission at Newton Castle. When the agents arrive, they are excited to see the famous Twilight. Loid then thanks them for coming and helping, but secretly sends them a message in Morse code that this is a mission related to Operation Strix. Franky and Anya then explain that Anya will be the princess, while Loid will play "Loidman", the spy who came to save her, and Franky will play "Count Scruffy Head", the big bad. Franky tells the agents that they are his subordinates and must do whatever they can and will to get in the way of the Loidmans.

As the game begins, Franky takes Anya and tells Lloyd that he has to answer a quiz that Anya made and if he doesn't answer correctly, he'll have to wear the Bondman costume. Franky then asks what Anya likes about Bondman. Loid guesses his face, but Anya reveals it's because he has a silenced pistol. Loid gets the second question right and says that Anya's favorite food is peanuts. For the last question, Franky asks what Anya wants right now. After thinking it over, Loid says it's Bondman's spy gear, but Anya explains that she's thirsty and wants some water. Because he got two out of three questions wrong, Loid is forced to don the costume.

Continuing, Loid enters a room with large balls and agents, and Franky explains that he needs to go through them. Loid skilfully makes it through the arena and reaches the tower, but to get to the top, he has to defeat multiple agents who have guns that shoot balls. Loid manages to grab several weapons and continues to shoot up the tower. From there, he ziplines to the room where Franky has Anya, who asks Loidman to save her. As more agents gather, Loid feels embarrassed that he has to play, but decides to do it for the success of the mission and asks Franky to hand over the princess to him. Franky then introduces the most powerful witch in the world, "Yorticia", played by Yor. A drunken Yor takes it seriously and starts attacking Loid, giving him a hard time, but ends up breaking his heel and falling asleep on the ground. Loid then confronts Franky as the final boss, but easily defeats him. Loid tells Anya that he came to save her, which makes her happy. The agents share this sentiment and activate the fireworks as they all congratulate Anya on making it to school. After everyone leaves, Anya stays with Loid to watch the sky and tells him that she had so much fun after leaving the orphanage, all thanks to Loid, and promises to do her best at school. Loid smiles at her and congratulates her on passing the exam and they both look at the sky. The next day, WISE receives an invoice for the cost of the event for a shocking amount