Spy x Family Season 1 Episode 7 English Dub

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Anya ends up with Tonitrus Bolt after hitting Damian Desmond. Unfortunately, this causes her to stand out in class for the wrong reasons, which depresses her, but she ends up making friends with Becky and school becomes a little more fun. She also tries to apologize to Damian for hitting him, but she can't seem to get the words out. Because of Operation Strix, Loid disguises himself as someone who works at the school and tries to help Anya come to terms with the shadows.


While preparing breakfast, Loid recalls that he successfully managed to get Anya into Eden Academy. Since it wouldn't be easy to make her an Imperial scholar, he made a plan B, but it failed because Anya punched Damian. However, Loid decides not to give up just yet. Yor and Anya joined him for breakfast. They both feel bad about what happened yesterday, but Loid cheers them up. They send Anya to school and Loid tells her to apologize to Damian.

Arriving at Eden, Anya sees Becky arriving in a car and realizes that she is rich. Becky learns that Anya arrived on the school bus and suggests that she could get her driver to pick her up as well. They see Damian and his friends and quickly bicker. Anya tries to apologize, but Becky pulls her away, saying that class starts soon. Meanwhile, Loid became worried and infiltrated Eden to spy on Anya, and was angry at Becky for interfering.

In the classroom, the children gossip about Anya and stand aside, afraid of what she has done. Meanwhile, Damian looks at Anya and reminds himself that no one has ever stood up to him and that his brother has never hit him either. During their first class, the teacher teaches math, but Anya falls asleep. The teacher notices this but does not have the courage to wake her up and feels that he is truly delinquent. As it ends, Becky wakes Anya up because science is next. Anya thinks about Damian, but Becky tells her that he's already gone. Anya heads out to apologize to Damian and state that peace depends on it, and Becky thinks she means that the peace of her school life is in jeopardy because it's unknown what Damian may decide to do. Becky hugs her saying she will protect her. Using her mind reading ability, Anya hears Lloyd's voice and realizes that he is disguised as a janitor. Next, Anya has science class outside. Loid uses a mirror to reflect the light and show Anya a message that today is a good day to apologize, forcing Anya to apologize. Next is the language class. The children read from a book where the character John does not apologize to his friends, but in Anya's book it is manipulated to make John apologize.

When Anya heads into the cafeteria during lunch, she sees that the bushes have been trimmed to say "sorry" and later a student with "sorry" written on his back. In the cafeteria, the students are told they can order anything, and Anya orders omelette rice, which ends up with "sorry" written on the ketchup. Anya sees Damian and tries to apologize but Becky stops her. Loid decides he needs to get Becky away from Anya and uses the school's public address system to call Becky to another location. Anya takes this chance and goes to apologize to Damian, who has strange feelings in front of her and is unable to speak. His friends start to wonder what kind of insult he'll come up with and guess in their heads, but since Anya can read their minds, he starts crying and apologizes. This moves Damian, who seemingly falls in love with her and his face turns red. Damian claims it's because he's angry, but he begins to realize that's not the case. Damian rejects his feeling, runs away, and declares that he will never forgive her. Loid sees all this and falls to the floor, lamenting that Plan B is done for this.

At home, Loid decides to go ahead with the original plan and improve Anya's academics. He gives her a math problem and tells her she won't watch her favorite show unless she solves it. Anya tries to read his mind, but is overwhelmed when he quickly thinks about other things. Anya then decides to ask Yor for help and read her mind, but Yor makes a confusing divisive analogy about dismembering bodies and then interrupts. Frustrated, Anya runs to her room and says she doesn't want to study. Loid tries to go after her, but Yor stops him. Loid says she has to study to become an Imperial apprentice, but Yor wonders if that's what Anya wants and wants Anya to enjoy going to school. Loid agrees, noting that Anya is young and probably not worried about grades. They make hot cocoa for Anya, but she still refuses to come out. Inside, Anya remembers her promise to Lloyd to work hard at school.

Loid and Yor sit down and talk about Yor's brother. He had to have great academic results for his job, and Loid wonders if Yor helped him with his homework, but Yor claims that Yuri was a more capable kid than her and taught her more than she could. Every time they studied together and every time he taught her something, he was happy about it. Loid realizes that his motivation has earned her praise, and Yor wonders if they can do the same with Anya. Loid doesn't think he acted like an ideal father, but Yor reminds him that Anya thinks otherwise. Loid thanks Yor and reminds her that she is part of their family as well and would like her to help with Anya's homework.

Loid decides to understand Anya better. He goes to her room and tells her that her spy show is starting and she can watch it. Not getting an answer, she enters the room and sees Anya sleeping over her textbooks while trying to study on her own. He moves her to her bed and decides to record her show.

Dominic meets Yuri Briar, who asks him about the party and the guy his sister was dating. Surprised that he hasn't met him yet, Dominic congratulates him that his sister is married, leaving Yuri shocked.