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Ostan counterintelligence and the National Security Agency conduct spy hunts and surveil their citizens to keep the peace in the country. They are also called secret police and they are feared. Yoro's younger brother Yuri actually belongs to the secret police and hunts down spies while keeping it a secret from Yoro and others around him. One day, he suddenly appears at the Forger residence. The counterfeiters, who are full of secrets, and Yuri, who has a secret identity, come face to face.


At Eden Academy, Anya is in math class and her teacher challenges her to answer a question he has written on the board. She confidently announces that it's three thirds, much to Becky's amazement and Damian's irritation, but the teacher tells her that her answer is completely wrong.

Loid and Handler meet in town and he asks if they can expect Anya's grades to improve since HQ is planning around eight Stella stars in four months. A visibly tired Loid smirks and says it won't be a problem, and Handler comments on how bad he's been at lying lately. Handler goes on to tell Loid that one of their informants at City Hall has been arrested and warns Loid that the enemy is hitting hard so he should be careful, especially with Eden in the middle of town.

At Berlin City Hall, Millie explains to Yor and Sharon that Jim Hayward was arrested today by the SSS for espionage. Sharon overheard that he was from the finance department and was selling official documents on the black market. A sleepy Camilla then walks in and greets the three, then turns to Yor and after listening to Dominique, asks her if she has told her brother about her marriage yet. Shocked, Yor exclaims that she knew she forgot something and asks what to do, but Camilla says that Yuri will call the office later, making Yor remember that she never gave him the phone number of her new house. Yor worries that he forgot about him after he is relieved that her marriage is over. Millie asks if Yor's brother is hot, and Yor shows her a picture that she and Millie call cute. Yor then tells them that he would always call her "Sisi" and refused to leave her. Millie then retorts and gives him a hard pass if he's one of those types, and Sharon comments that if she loves Yor so much, it's even worse that she forgot to tell him.

The lieutenant interrogates Jim at SSS headquarters, asking him for information about the documents and who he gave them to. Jim asks to be released, and the SSS lieutenant responds by sticking a cigarette in Jim's hand. Yuri then enters with a salute and says he'll do his best as he walks into the interrogation room to switch places. The SSS lieutenant patted Yuri on the shoulder as he left the room and sat down on a bench next to another member who immediately asked him why the boss let someone as young as Yuri into the team despite his talent. The lieutenant tells him it was because the boss said Yuri was cute, like a puppy. The lieutenant says that every organization needs a member like him, and that even Yuri can do his job without discrimination.

In the interrogation room, Yuri takes off his hat and greets Jim, who quickly braces himself and claims he has nothing to say. Ignoring him, Yuri begins to excitedly tell him about Yor and that he plans to visit her and congratulate her on her marriage after he finishes work. Yuri would appreciate it if they could finish quickly and asks Jim to reveal everything he knows. Jim feigns innocence and Yuri creates three photos of Jim handing documents to someone and tells Jim that it's better to be honest. Jim admits that he gave his clients the papers for cash and that he knows nothing about his client except that he is from the West. Yuri asks for more details, but Jim doesn't remember. Yuri's face turns cold as he asks the man if he's heard of "Twilight". Yuri explains that Twilight is a dangerous spy from the West and a natural enemy of the SSS. Jim asks if he can let him off the hook if he can help catch "Twilight" and Yuri reminds him that feeding the SSS nonsense will only add to his crimes. Jim tries to plead with Yuri, saying that he just wanted money to play with the girls and that Yuri should act like a man when he reminds him that he has a wife. Yuri puts on his gloves and tells Jim that he's hiding his work from his sister because he doesn't want her to know about his dirty work. He slams Jim's face into the ashtray on the table. He says that what he did is treason and that unlike Jim, Yuri loves his family and will do anything to protect the country his sister lives in.

Anya is watching Spy Wars at home, Loid is sitting behind her, wishing she could pay that much attention when she's studying. Anya turns to Loid and asks how many rounds Bondman's gun has in the show, and Loid replies that it should have eight, then looks at Anya in surprise as he exclaims "two eighths" as he refers to the number of rounds he has left . . Loid exclaims that she got it right and notes that she learns better with a cartoon. Yor then comes home and worriedly announces that Yuri is coming to visit that night to congratulate her on her marriage, much to Lloyd's surprise. She asks Loid what they should do, and he replies that this is the very occasion they were preparing a "love and dove wedding" for, decorating the house with stereotypical things a loving married couple would have. After Loid and Yor exchange glances while standing in front of the draped bed, Anya says they're flirting, and her now worried parents say they're not. While waiting for Yuri, Anya asks Loid when Yor's brother is coming, Loid corrects her that he's her uncle and tells her to go to sleep because it's getting dark. Anya protests that she wants to meet her uncle, but falls asleep on Loida.

Yuri skips down the street to Forger's abode with a large bouquet of roses in one arm, stopping suddenly when Yora starts to hurt from being hugged during their childhood. He thinks about how much her love must crush him, then wonders why she hasn't told him about her marriage all year, and concludes that she married such a horrible man that she couldn't even tell him. As Yuri heads to their apartment, she thinks about how to eliminate anyone who poses a threat to Yoro, even if it's her husband. Yuri stops and reminds himself to calm down because she must not find out about his work. As Loid and Yor prepare for their guest, they think that the closer Yuri is, the easier it is for them to let their secret get out and not lose the family they worked so hard to create for their mission. Yuri arrives and is greeted by the couple, Loid and Yuri both hiding their dark looks.

The television plays footage of ministers from Ostania and Westalis talking about normalizing relations between their countries as Loid welcomes Yuri as he enters the Forger household, wondering whether or not Yuri will be a threat to his fake family. At the same time, Yuri questions whether Loid is really worthy of being his sister's husband. Loid heads to the kitchen to make a quick meal while Yuri and Yor catch up. Yuri thinks that he wouldn't want to eat something Loid made when Yor comments that his face is scary, commenting that he must be nervous. Worried that he has inadvertently shown his hostility since he has not calmed down since the interrogation, Yuri vows to act as a diligent civil servant in front of Yoro, while she vows to act as a loving wife in front of Yuri, she does not want to tell him. that she married so she could continue her work as an assassin.

Yor thanks Yuri for the flowers, prompting him to say that he hasn't accepted Yor's marriage yet, and asks her why she kept it a secret from him for a whole year. Watching from the kitchen, Loid thinks it's a natural question as he replays his and his wife's earlier conversation in his head. The flashback begins with Loid asking her if it would be okay to tell Yuri the truth: that she got married to avoid the stigma and suspicion of being single at her age. Yor says that wouldn't work because Yuri is sensitive and would probably lose it if he heard she married someone she wasn't in love with. She knows she's making things difficult, but she doesn't want her brother to worry and claims she has the perfect excuse to tell him.

In the present, Loid relies on Yor to handle the situation. When Yuri asks for an answer, Yor looks him straight in the eye and confidently says that she just forgot to tell him. Loid is stunned while Yuri is confused and brings up the phone call during which the partner was mentioned the other day, asking why she didn't just tell him. Yor says confidently again that she forgot that she forgot to tell him. Yuri says that it must be true as she loses all sense when dealing with her sister as she laughs and apologizes to her sister for being so clumsy sometimes. Loid is shocked that Yuri is satisfied with this answer and wonders if this is normal in the Briar family. Loid returns as he brings a plate of lemon marinade, Yuri takes a bite and is shocked at how good it is, he takes a few more as Yor comments on how well Loid cooks. Yuri thinks his food won't get him as he produces the bottle of wine he brought and decides to get Loid drunk to expose him. Loid whispers to Yor that she shouldn't drink if they don't want a repeat of last time at the castle.

Yuri asks the two how they met and they explain their first meeting at a boutique. Yor says Loid was staring at her and he said he couldn't help but look at how beautiful she was. Realizing that this topic is dangerous territory, Loid decides he needs to change it, so he tells Yuri that he finally hit it off after a few dinners together. Yuri starts asking more specific questions about their relationship and Loid feels like it's turned into an interrogation. Loid is asked what Yor says and he simply replies "Yor." A panicked Yuri, knowing that she hesitates to call her by her first name, asks Yor what she calls her husband and suggests nicknames like "Loidy" or "Loi-Loi". Yor is too shy to speak and Yuri assumes it's true and picks up the wine and begins to drink. Yor vehemently denies this, saying she just calls him "Loid."

Loid asks Yuri if he's okay and brings him water. Yuri takes a glass and wonders what his sister likes about him. He inadvertently brings out Lloyd's good points, causing him to drink even more. Yor tells him to calm down and Loid is surprised that all Briars are bad with alcohol. Loid changes the subject, asking Yuri about his career and telling him how much Yor brags about him. Yor tells her brother that she heard from Dominic that he went to Hugaria. Yuri explains that it was for work and tells her how nice the city was and he wished he could show her. He mentions a cafe that was once a favorite of the Empress, which catches Lloyd's attention, and asks Yuri if the cafe was in the capital city of Obda, saying that he used to go there when he was a medical student. They talk about the Kalpatia restaurant run by an old man and Loid asks if the wine was also from Hungary. Yuri tells him that he found it at a store on Hedger Street. Loid hopes it wasn't too expensive, and Yuri says it's around 200 bucks.

Loid, who predicted Yuri's answers, reveals that the answers come from a manual used by Ostan secret service agents. He explains that this is a template used to make up details of non-existent trips abroad, meaning Yuri's trip was a lie. It also reveals that the information in the manual is outdated and points out holes in its story. Ever since learning that he works at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he is wary of Yuri, saying that it is a step up from espionage. After an investigation from Franky, Loid finds out that Yuri worked at the Ministry about a year ago, which he predicts is when Yuri was recruited by the intelligence agency. He deduced that Yuri is involved with domestic counterintelligence, which is none other than the SSS, WISE's greatest enemy. Despite this, Loid thinks that until his true identity is revealed, maintaining a relationship with Yuri is not a bad idea and could serve as a valuable source of information for his enemies. Loid also notices that Yuri is hiding his true job from Yor and thinks that he may be easier to manipulate than he thought. When Yor asks Yuri if he is happy to have such a handsome brother-in-law, Yuri repeats that he does not recognize the marriage and Loid as his brother-in-law. He tells Lloyd that the reason he has an important job and can buy expensive bottles of wine is all because of Yor.

Yuri goes back to his past when he and Yor were orphans and lived poor. Yuri waited for the nurse to return home and Yor, drenched in blood, announced her arrival, shocking him as he asked what happened to her. Yor brushes it off and presents Yuri with the encyclopedia he wanted, saying that her paycheck is big at work so she buys it for him. Yor kept coming home covered in blood while she brought things to Yuri, leading him to believe that she was preparing herself to die for him, unaware of her job as an assassin. Yuri then decided to become a successful man who can protect his only blood relative. He asks Loid if he can understand what it's like to have the most important person in your world taken away by a stranger. He always wanted Yor to marry someone and be happy if that someone was better able to protect her than him, and he asked "Loidy" if she could do that. Loid declares that she loves Yor as much as Yuri, if not more, and that Anya loves her too, saying that Yor is already part of the family. He blatantly lies, declaring that whether it's spears or meteors from the sky, he would risk his life to protect her. Yuri is stunned to hear this and wonders if Loid is that powerful. In denial, he accuses Loid of being a liar and spills some water on the table. Yor and Loid reach out to clean up the mess and pull back awkwardly after their hands touch. Yuri sees this and wonders if this is their reaction after living together for a year and questions their marriage.

The couple tries to deflect his suspicions and tell him that they really love each other. Yuri doesn't buy it and demands that the two prove their love and orders them to kiss. Yor is unsure about kissing in front of her brother, but Yuri tells them to do it just once and he'll believe them or he'll go to City Hall to have their marriage annulled. Loid thinks about how things escalated, but within 0.1 second he remembers that he's Twilight, Westalis' top spy who has faked relationships with countless women before, so a kiss or two is nothing for the mission. Loid agrees to Yuri's demands and tells Yor that they will just do what they always do. Yor, on the other hand, is not ready for her first kiss and blushes furiously as Loid approaches.