Spy x Family Season 1 Episode 9 English Dub

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To prove to Yuri that they are actually a married couple, Loid and Yor are supposed to kiss. Loid is willing to do it immediately because of the Strix operation, but Yor can't do it sober, so they end up drinking a lot of wine and getting drunk. Seeing his sister like this, Yuri also gets drunk and is no longer able to make rational decisions.


Loid leans in to kiss a panicked Yor, who ends up drinking an entire bottle of wine because he can't be kissed sober. Loid whispers that he doesn't have to, leading Yuri Briar to wonder why they're whispering to each other and if they're actually a married couple. Yor throws a fork at Yuri to shut him up, strokes his cheek and knocks Loid down to kiss him. As Yuri watches, he flashes back to his past where Yor said she would wait for him when he wanted to marry her. Yuri jumps in to stop an embarrassed Yor trying to slap Loid. Loid dodges the slap and Yuri ends up getting slapped. Yuri flies across the room before crashing, momentarily waking Anya up. Damn Yuri gets up and mistakenly slaps himself because Yor is mad that he tried to stop them.

Admitting defeat, Yuri tells Loid that his sister's lips are Loid's for now, and an embarrassed Yor hits him again. Both siblings try to get up, but they are drunk and start swaying. Luckily, Loid grabs them both and holds them, then tells them how much he admires how wonderful siblings they are. Loid thanks Yuri for all the work he has done to protect his sister and assures him that he will do everything in his power to support her as well. Yuri recognizes Loid's good nature, but slaps Loid's hand and says he's going home. Loid tells him that he is welcome to visit Yor any time and meet Anya. Yuri states that he will return to prove that Loid tricked Yor into this marriage and warns Loid that if he lets Yor cry, he will have him executed, but quickly cuts himself off before finishing. Yuri then rushes off as Yor wishes him a safe trip home.

While Loid and Yor clean up, Loid searches the apartment to make sure Yuri hasn't planted any listening devices and finds nothing. Yor thanks Loid for tonight and how he was willing to accept Yuri as family. Loid comments how he envies them as someone with no other friends or family to rely on besides Anya (and she's not his real daughter either). Above all, he is glad that Yuri did not find out about their fake marriage. Yor agrees and says he wants to go to bed to which they remember the shared bed of love they made and say they will sleep separately. Anya and Yor sleep while Loid reads an issue of Spy Wars. He wonders when he last envied someone before deciding to go to bed. Heading home, Yuri asks two scary-looking men which way the station is, and they tell him to go to the hospital.

Anya wakes up and says good morning to their plant, thinking it's Loid telling her to wash her face to wake up. Yor greets her good morning and says it's too bad she couldn't meet Yuri last night. Anya asks who it is before remembering that it's her uncle. He reads Lloyd's mind and discovers that Yuri is a member of the secret police. Even though Anya doesn't know what they are, she comes to the conclusion that they are something exciting. She yells at Loid asking why he didn't let her see Yuri while he is surprised that it meant so much to her.

Loid is relieved that Yuri is gone so he can go back and help Anya with her studies. As they eat breakfast, Loid questions his safety, now realizing that Yor's brother is a member of the SSS. While WISE reports and his intuition finds nothing suspicious about her, he decides to remain cautious. Reading Lloyd's mind, Anya joins in to say something about Yor before she pauses to say that she's a bad cook. Yor is shocked that Anya could say she made breakfast today and apologizes for doing what she could.

As the family prepares to leave, Loid approaches Yor with a listening device, but wonders if it's going too far. He justifies that for the sake of the mission it would be best to prove Yor's innocence. He pretends to wipe some dirt off her throat while he puts the bug on her. Yor thanks him but is confused because she thinks he wanted to kiss her after what happened last night. Reflecting on her recent failures, Yor begins to lose faith in her abilities as a mother, which is why Loid seemed distant to her this morning. As Anya is about to board the school bus, she looks back at her parents and tells them to get along. They tell her they are fine and Loid tells her to get along with her classmates. Loid thinks about how intuitive children can be before telling Yor that they should be gone too.

At SSS HQ, an SSS lieutenant asks about Yuri's injury because he was going to visit his sister's new family last night. Yuri says that he barely remembers, and the lieutenant assumes that Yuri got drunk and got into a fight with Loid. Yuri tells him that Loid doesn't deserve Yor and is asked if Loid is a bad person. Yuri says that Loid seemed nice, but she suspects that it was all an act and that he is secretly a spy who needs to be locked up. The lieutenant asks if he has any proof, and Yuri regrets not planting the bugs. He stops quickly, thinking that if he heard his sister's voice in these situations, his heart wouldn't be able to take it. Thinking about it, he hits his head on a cabinet and asks the lieutenant if the injury was self-inflicted. The lieutenant tells Yuri that he needs to get over his sister so he can focus on his job and catching Western spies, especially Twilight. Yuri agrees, but if Loid makes his sister cry, it will be a different story.

In Berlin's town hall, Yor writes on his desk and holds back tears. Camilla asks what's wrong with her, and Millie tells her that Yor has been telling herself she's a failed wife all day. Sharon comes to the office and learns that Yor wants to know how to be a good wife. He asks if they're getting along, and Yor explains that she's not sure how to act since it's her first relationship. On the roof of City Hall, Loid listens in on her conversation and confirms that Yor has never been with a man before. You worry if their relationship can even continue since she can't cook, and Loid realizes that Anya's comment must have been profound. Loid sees that Yor is trying to appear more married because of their pretend family, but suspects that she might be trying to trick him as well. Camilla says it must be rough to have a husband who is better than her and Millie tells Yor she should just break up with him, Yor says she can't. Hearing this, Loid ponders the toxicity of Yor's relationship with her co-workers. Section Chief Barnes interrupts their discussion and tells them to get back to work, then asks if Yor could post a letter for him. Loid figures he won't find out if Yor is a suspect without taking matters into his own hands.

Yor drops off the letter at the post office and on her way out notices a sign about bank accounts for married couples, reminding her that she and Loid have separate bank accounts. He wonders if the money he makes as an assassin could be useful for Lloyd, but also realizes that it could be suspicious and that he probably doesn't need the financial support. As she ponders this, she is stopped by Loid and Franky disguised as secret police officers who tell her they have some questions for her and lead her to an empty alley. A little earlier, Loid gets Franky to help him interrogate Yor. Franky asks why he is being forced to do this and Loid tells him to shut up and follow his lead. Loid tells her that while checking the mail, they noticed that the letter she just sent had a coded message to the West. They ask her if the "Barnes" on the letter is her supervisor, which she confirms. When she tells them her name is Yor Forger, Franky tells her that her name is written in the letter as an associate.

Loid accuses her of being part of the plot, and Yor denies it, saying there must be a mistake. Loid and Franky then tell her about someone they caught in the finance department who was tortured so intensely that he killed himself in his cell. Franky tells her that there was also a woman her age who was the secretary to the member of parliament who was caught last month. Loid adds that she had an SSS family member, so they let her go. Franky replies that it's an advantage to make those doubts go away. Loid tells her that they will have to take her back to the station, thinking that if she knows Yuri is in the SSS, all she has to do is say his name to solve it. She has no reason to hide his identity from his co-workers and will only further his suspicions if he resists.

Yor tells them that she works hard for her country every day and would never participate in espionage. Franky tells her not to play dumb and to come quietly as he lunges at her, but is interrupted by Yor, who throws him to the ground, who reminds him that she's a married woman and asks not to be touched. Loid tells her that resisting has consequences that could affect her family. Yor tells them that her husband and brother are honorable men and if they want to harm them, she will show them no mercy and prepares to fight.

Loid sees that he's telling the truth and asks Franky, whom he calls "Second Lieutenant Mop", if he's sure he cracked the code correctly. Franky then says that it was encoded in the "Caterpillar Cipher" and not the "Raccoon". They told her it looked like a letter from Mr. Barnes to a hemorrhoids specialist and had it coded for the subject. They apologize for the misunderstanding and tell her she can go, but ask her to keep the contents of the letter a secret. As Yor leaves, Franky says they've confirmed she's not connected to the secret police, while Loid takes off his mask. Franky asks if Loid feels guilty and Loid denies it. Franky tells him to stick with his emotions and never trust anyone if he values ​​his life. Loid rips off Franky's disguise, irritated that Franky lectured him with that masked face. Franky complains because he was hoping to get some girls with that face. Loid tells him that deceiving women is wrong, and Franky objects to the apparent contradiction.

Yor returns home, worried about today's events. She then runs into Lloyd, who asks her if she wants to go home together. He again pretends to take some goof off her collar as he picks up the bug. Yor apologizes for failing as a wife who can't even keep her clothes clean. Loid tries to comfort her by telling her that there is no right way for a wife to act. Trying to live up to an ideal is admirable, but it can limit you from being who you are and using your true strengths. He tells her that many of his patients struggle with this problem because the constant performance is exhausting. He tells her that he just wants her to be who she is and how happy it would make Anya to see her smile. Yor thanks him for saying that and tells him she's glad she married him. Loid is startled and remembers Franky's comment about doubting her before crushing the bug and throwing it away. He then tells her that they didn't do anything to celebrate their fake first anniversary and they should get some cake, to which she agrees. Anya returns home and is greeted by Yor. Anya reads her parents' minds and is happy to see how they get along and they say they never fought. They tell her they have a cake and she begs for it, to which Loid tells her to stop jumping so as not to disturb their neighbors downstairs.