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PAPA AND MAMA (MISSION: 26 ちちとよよ, MISSION: 26 Chichi Haha o Bikō Seyo?) is the twenty-sixth episode of the TV series SPY x Family and the first episode of the second season. 

A missionary was punched while on a mission and looked miserable when he returned home. Disgruntled in her comfortable marriage, Lloyd mistakes her happy mood for not seeing much and proposes to her on a date.

After killing a group of armed militants, he spoke to his employer on the phone and confirmed that the job was done. When Lloyd plans to get some milk and eggs before going home, he doesn't realize that one of his victims is still alive, shooting him.

At home, Lloyd, Anya, and Bond watch the news on TV about the death of a member of the Red Circus, a radical terrorist group. Displeased with the news, Anya asks to watch a cartoon. Lloyd refused at first, but convinced that Anya was torn, he turned on the TV on The Civil Wars. When Lloyd returns with the groceries, he greets Yor, but is worried by Yor's angry expression. Oror mentally revealed that he had pressed a button and his delicate face was due to the intense pain that stunned Anya. As he lay down, Lloyd mistakenly thought he was upset about something he had done and decided to fix it, hoping he would be better in the morning.

When he woke up, Yor still hadn't recovered from his injury, his speech was even worse than before. Determined to please Oror, Lloyd asked her out on a date. Remembering the conversation he had with his co-worker about not going on a date, Yor agreed to the date he wanted to explore the role of a married woman. Anya is excited to meet them, but Lloyd turns her down because he won't meet her here. Lloyd pays Franky to help meet Anya and Bond.

Determined to give Yorora the perfect date, Lloyd even hires a chauffeur and presents 862 date ideas such as helicopters and wine dates. Unfortunately, Yor is still suffering from the injury and can not sit, preferring to walk for his date. This eliminated Lloyd's 794 date ideas, and he was sure she was still mad at him. As Lloyd and Yoror leave, Anya worries about the two. Recalling the scene from his cartoon, he suggested shadowing Franky and Lloyd and Yorora on a date. Frankie is delighted to see Lloyd's art of deception, and the two hide while Bond protects the house using Anya's toys.

Despite their efforts to be invisible, Lloyd can see them in a few seconds, but Yorora tells him that she is not going to be happy. Lloyd brings her to the mall and offers Yoro a coat to wear, but she declines because the pants will put pressure on her wound. Lloyd continued to take Yorry to other date spots such as cinemas, clubs, swimming pools, spas, and zoos, but this became an obstacle as Yorry showed interest. On the other hand, Oror can't focus on you because of the pain, and Lloyd can't feel Yoro.

At the restaurant, Lloyd and Yor order drinks, and Lloyd compliments that the restaurant has a little fish. Former member of the Red circus squeezes fish poison into a cocktail glass and serves it to Jora to kill him. Meanwhile, Anya overhears the plan and tries to rush Frankie. It's too late for Mom, because the fish poison martini has been served to Yoro. Yor drinks a Martini poisoned, but it is revealed that he has a high tolerance to poison and has suffered from fish poisoning. Yor rejoices once again, confusing Lloyd and members of the Red circus.

Despite the failure, the former member of the Red circus decided to make a bomb with materials in the warehouse. Anya notices that the room is close and Frankie has disappeared. While reciting the steps to make an improvised bomb, a former member of the Red Circus stumbles on a giant olive oil in the hallway and knocks it over the shelf. When he entered the warehouse, someone hit him on the head. He sees a container that will fit him, but soon discovers that the bulging container is a bomb. Bombs made of bombs show that it's not just peas that kill. Anya threatens Yoro not to return and make her lover Katrina happy. Former member of the Red circus, who knows his personal details, but before deciding to live a normal life, he is afraid of our child's favorite and seen under the prince of thorns.

Oror, no pain, happily chats with Lloyd about the restaurant's meal, and Lloyd is relieved that he is finally happy. Franky and Anya hide behind the curtain as Lloyd and Yoro watch, Anya is proud of her help and wonders where Franky went. As Lloyd and Yoror take in the night view of the city, Yor thanks Lloyd for meeting him and wishes he could do it again (when he wasn't injured). Yor sees a carnival and Lloyd offers to visit them. Anya is happy, she wants to ride the Ferris Wheel. The next day, the poison of panic wears off, and Loor is once again sickened by Loid's confusion.