Spy x Family Season 2 Episode 3 English Dub

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MISSION AND FAMILY / ELEGANT BONDMAN / HEART CHILD / AWAKENING (MISSION: 28 任務と家族 / 華麗なるボンドマン覚ヮ,禳胉マヮ, 禿心僳 / 子゛, MIS Ninmu to Kazoku / Kareinaru Bondoman / Kodomo Kokoro / Mezamashi ?) is the twenty-eighth episode of the television anime series SPY x FAMILY and the third episode of the second season.

Yuri is doing great in his job with the secret police. His assignment today is to investigate a former newspaper reporter suspected of selling defamatory articles to Ostania Westalis. Anya's favorite cartoon hero Bondman shows off his slick spy moves!

After tracking the illegal deal, Yuri and his captain successfully capture and arrest everyone involved, not letting a single man escape. Not long after, Yuri is given a new assignment: to investigate Franklin Perkin, a former newspaper reporter who now writes articles defaming Ostania that are published in Westalis, and to prevent his work from influencing public opinion. Despite voluntarily reworking himself, Yuri happily accepts. Yuri investigates Franklin without leaving any details about his life in his messages. The lieutenant is overwhelmed, but tries to convince Yuri to let someone take over since he pulled two all-nighters in a row. After visibly wincing in response to words that sound similar to Yor, he tells Yuri to relax. Yuri hears Franklin leaving his home, so he and the lieutenant shadow him.

They observe Franklin looking for things to write about. Franklin interrupts a group of boys playing, throws the boy's toy gun into the trash, and takes a picture of them digging it up. When the boys confront Franklin, he intimidates them, angering Yuri. While watching Franklin write his latest article, Yuri overhears a conversation between the man and his father in which Franklin expresses his frustration about wanting to make the country a better place for them to live and needing money to get there. Franklin's statement reaches Yuri, who briefly writes out loud his inner thoughts that Franklin is motivated by concern for his family, before tearing up and crumpling up the message.

Yuri realizes that Franklin is contacting his publisher at his workplace, the post office, by putting his manuscripts in the mail for him. Although Franklin seems hesitant to send it, he goes through with it and seals his fate. Four days later, Yuri and other SSS agents arrive outside Franklin's home, waiting to arrest the man. Franklin accepts his situation and heads outside to meet the officers. Franklin expresses his appreciation for them waiting outside, and Yuri tells him that there was no reason for his family to witness his arrest as she puts handcuffs on him. Franklin then asks him which of the two is truly pathetic, the one who fights against tyranny or the one who serves as his lapdog. Yuri replies that he would never do anything to cause his sister pain. As Franklin is escorted away, Yuri says that he will ask his father for financial help, and Franklin thanks him.

At headquarters, Yuri's boss pats him on the back for being proud of him. When asked how he is doing in his new job, Yuri says that this is the job for him and declares that he will catch Twilight one day. Later, Yuri stops by the Forger house with Loid, Yor, and Anya at home. When Yor asks if something is wrong, Yuri says that he just wants to see her face. Anya reads Yuri's mind and pats him. Yor also pats Yuri on the head and compliments him and decides to make tea for everyone. Yuri is excited and happily yells at Yor, embarrassing her and heartburning Anya.

On the roof of a department store, Anya sees a big electric stuffed animal to ride, and tells Lloyd that Aisyah wants to ride one of the pandas. Lloyd thought endlessly about how silly they were, but when Anya started crying and at Yoror's urging, Lloyd allowed himself to ride the beast. When Mom says she wants to ride again, Lloyd wonders how she doesn't understand kids.

Then Anya sees people in the ocean on TV and says she's going there. He reconciles by taking himself to the pool. While happy at the beginning, Anya overhears the thoughts of other children watching in the pool and surprised. At home, Anya says she doesn't want to go to the pool anymore, and Lloyd screws up again.

At the Cecil Hall boys' dormitory, Ewen and Emily wake up for breakfast. Remembering last time, they were going to wake up Damian too, but Damian woke up an hour before studying. He said that the last time he was a puncher who impressed his friends. At the Forger house, Lloyd tries to wake Anya up so she doesn't miss the bus and has too much trouble, worried that she'll get Thunder Bolt for too many tardies. However, Anya was too sleepy to get up, and eventually it became difficult.