Spy x Family Season 2 Episode 2 English Dub

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BONDING LIFE ST / DAMIANIEL EXPLORATION BOOK (MISSION: 27 ボ ド の 略 ダ ダ ダ ダ M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M IS M M IL 27 27 27 27 Dam 27 Dam Dam Dam Dam Dam Dam Dam Dam Dam Dam Dam Dam Dam Dam 27 and the second episode of the second season.

Bond sees a bleak future and believes it will lead to Yoror's death. To change this fate, Bond goes home to find Lloyd!

Henderson orders Damian, Emily, and Eve to go on a field trip with Mr. Green.

Bond takes in the blackness of everything as he slouches in his chair. He wonders what this means and predicts that the scientist from the Apple project will kill him. Shocked, Bond sees a family photo and imagines his family grieving for him, but says he died happy. Bond accepts his fate and goes to Anya's room to say goodbye, but she says she's busy with work and closes the door. Bond confides in Yoro, who apologizes to him for forgetting to buy a lot of food. When Lloyd was not working, Yoror decided to cook.

Recalling his mysterious vision, Bond concluded that Yoror would die from eating his dinner. Bond began to panic, then realized that he could refuse to eat. However, he imagines that Anya told Yoror that Aisyah would kill him if he angered him, and that when Yoror refused, she would kill him. Unguarded, Bond began to toss around the house, but came up with an idea: if Lloyd came home early, he could make Bond dinner and in turn prevent his death. With that decision, the family dog ​​opened the door and Yorora ran in surprise.

Bond wanders the streets of Berlin, picking up Lloyd's scent. He eventually tracks down Lloyd outside the Bourne Industries facility. His current mission is to steal a copy of Gerrulimus, a new reality serum developed by the company. However, since he didn't have time to gather intel to prove himself, the only option was direct intervention. He is surprised when Bond shows up and tells him to go home. Bond refuses and tries to explain his situation to Lloyd. Lloyd is confused, so Bond takes him to a quiet street. Lloyd wonders how Bond knows this and reminds him that Born Industries is involved with the Apple project. Assuming Bond knows this and wants revenge against the scientists for humiliating him and his friends as test subjects, Lloyd lets him go along to complete his mission.

The two break into the facility and make their way to a lab full of sample lockers, one of which contains a serum. As Lloyd goes to find him, Bond has another vision. He notices that the workers are returning to the lab, causing Lloyd to stop them and order Bond to escape the house. Bond becomes nervous and warns Lloyd to hide. Before hiding, he left a note that Gerrulimus had stolen for the staff to see, opened the locker and tested it with the serum. Lloyd and Bond masked jump on the men and chase them away. Lloyd thanks Gerrulimus for saying he can go back early, take the specimen. Finally, Bond sees Lloyd preparing dinner, while Yor is happy and excited for his safety.

In the morning, an alarm woke up the residents in the Eden Academy dormitory. Emile Elman and Ewen Egeburg wake up and tell Damian Desmona to do the same or he will miss tomorrow's game. After the morning meeting, Henry Henderson saw Damian, who was awake with dark circles under his eyes. As a punishment, Damian was forced to help his mother sleep and do housework and was forbidden to leave the school grounds until he graduated. Around the corner, Ewen and Emily looked on anxiously.

As Damian helps his mother fall asleep, his friends come to check on him. After learning from the night, Damian wants to win over Stella Béntang and Ewen says he pushed her hard. They said that the hostel mistress would record all the boys and get beef on the way back. Damian tried not to go and study, hoping for his father's praise if he worked hard to improve himself. After being thrown out by their dorm mom, Ewen and Emily purposefully looked around the hall. Henderson saw this and decided to punish her, which she accepted with excitement.

Damian was surprised to see his friends join in, they all said they would help him so he could go to the cinema. Damian tells them to go on without him, but they still help him with homework. Ewen added that they can pretend to be Imperial scientists by using a sheet of paper like a cloak, pretending to be Imperial scientists. As the boys played, Henderson looked inward and thought that there was nothing better than the joy of the friendship of youth. As they played, Damian looked up at the sky in awe. The headmaster, Mr. Green, joked that Damian had the face of someone who wanted to sit on the picnic, which embarrassed Damian refused. While doing homework, Henderson decided to give the boy a new punishment: going on a field trip with Mr. Green.

Mr. Green plans to take the now nervous boy on a canoe trip to the lake for a picnic. Damian accidentally fell off the ship when he saw the "waterfall" approaching. As she cries for help, Ewen and Emily jump in after her, only to find themselves in the same situation. Damian decided to stay alive to live the dream that drove him. Green embarrasses the boys by pointing out that the water is deep. After building a warm fire on land, Green ordered the fish for dinner. With the help of Green, friends prepare to go fishing. They looked for bait and turned rocks to find earthworms that scared the giants. After Evan and Emile Damiani were chased by worms, they started fishing and each had successful results. As they enjoy a difficult meal, Green tells Damian that it's okay to have fun all the time. After dinner, he took the boys to "Stella's Lake", where Damian was excited to see.

When they reached their destination, the boy marveled at the lake, where the stars reflected on the surface of the water and seemed to be within reach, hence the name Lake Stella. Damian is surprised that Stella isn't there, but admits that the trip wasn't in vain. He, Ewen, and Emily lay on the floor and gazed at the stars. When Emily looked up, she said that the stars were like sprinkles in the sky, causing Damian to laugh and the other boys to follow. Green then tells him to go back and reminds him to write an appropriate field report.

Back in the living room, Green saw Henderson with a report in hand. Henderson thanks Greene and asks if he can "free the boy" who confirms this. As Henderson reviewed the report, he noted how short Damian was and said it needed some work.