Spy x Family Season 2 Episode 4 English Dub

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COOKIE OF KNOWLEDGE / THE INFORMANT'S GREAT ROMANTIC PLAN Ⅱ (MISSION: 29 知恵の甘味 / 情報屋の恋愛大作戦Ⅱ, MISSION: 29 Dayō Chie no Kanmi /i Dayō Chie no Remise is the twenty-ninth episode of the SPY x FAMILY TV anime series and the fourth episode second season. Eden's legendary dessert finally appears! To get the macarons, which supposedly can make you an Imperial Scholar if you eat them, Anya and her friends race to get to them first. The Pastry of Knowledge is considered one of the "Seven Wonders" of Eden Academy. It is said that a mysterious pastry chef randomly appears in the dining room and offers extremely tasty desserts. As many of those who managed to eat these pastries became Imperial Scholars, it was rumored that the pastries instantly made one smarter. Anya and Becky overhear the other students gossiping about the Pastries of Knowledge being sold in Dining Hall 2, the formal royal chef arriving today. The student adds that eating one guarantees you will become an Imperial Scholar, which catches the attention of Anya and Becky, and they leave for the cafeteria. Anya foresees the possibility of becoming a genius if she eats some, while Becky is excited to try macarons from the former royal chef. They see a line of students queuing for pastries, but Damian and his friends run up beside them with the same goal. The server will then announce only one order from the special "Pierre Pommier Macaron" set. Both groups try to get the last set, but are stunned when George Glooman has already ordered it. Damian and Becky rush over to George and demand that he give them macaroons. When George tries to protest, the children remind him that he owes them. George admits to giving up four macarons out of a set of five macarons. The other children realize there are five of them and decide to have a spin of the Old Maid to determine who gets the macarons. Anya doesn't know the rules because she's never played cards before, but she wins the game using her mind-reading abilities. Damian and his friends are in disbelief and accuse her of cheating. When Damian thinks she can read minds, Anya panics and suggests they play another round where she makes mistakes on purpose and gets the Old Maid. Anya's facial expressions are easy to read, so she can't get rid of the Joker card. Everyone else gets rid of their cards, leaving only Anya and Damian. Anya panics at the thought that she won't get a macaron, so she won't pass the tests and will be in a different class than Becky. As Damian is about to take the card, he sees Anya tearing up and takes the Old Maid, losing the game. After retrieving her macaron, Anya offers to share half with Damian, who angrily rejects her in embarrassment. Emile, Ewen, Becky and Anya eat their macarons, and Anya gets fired up after eating the pastry and studies with fiery vigor until the next day of quizzes. When their results come back, Henry reveals that Anya's quiz results are just as bad as before, leaving Anya and the others in disbelief and Becky trying to cheer up a depressed Anya to make up for it in her finals. At home, Loid and Yor look over Anya's quiz papers while Anya goes to her room to sulk. Loid notes that she would have done well on the classical language test if she hadn't lost so many points for spelling mistakes. He wonders how Anya did so well when they were barely learning the classical language in class and if she is familiar with it due to her upbringing. Loid decides to brush it off and tells Anya that he made her favorite hamburger steak for dinner, which cheers her up. Yor adds that she tried to make dessert, and Bond barks in alarm. Loid visits Franky's shop to pick up some information for the next mission. Loid asks for some pictures he requested, but Franky says that his contact who specialized in this information was arranged by the Garden, a group of assassins in Ostania who take orders from the shadow government and are considered urban legends. Loid still demands the pictures, but Franky wants his help with the job in exchange for another trouble: finding a lost cat. Franky explains that Kopi the cat belongs to Kacey, the woman he is trying to court. Completely disinterested in this situation, Loid leaves. Franky turns to his contacts to find Kopi's location, which is near City Hall. On the way there, he runs into Yor, who is having lunch. After Franky explains his situation, Yor decides to help him. Franky comes up with several inventions of his own to find Kopi and uses the cat device to lure the cat. However, the facility attracts a large crowd of cats, who swarm Yor and Franky, but Kopi is spotted among them. Franky tries to grab Kopi but fails and decides to use his exo-skeleton power suit. But as Kopi starts heading towards the main street, Yor rips off a piece of exo-skeleton and throws it at the cat, stopping it and allowing Yor to catch him. While losing ten years of his job, Franky returns Kopi, only to discover that Kacey already has a boyfriend. Franky wishes the couple the best and as he leaves, he cries as he decides to live for his work. Yor returns to City Hall in a cheerful mood, feeling good after helping Franky. Camilla notes that Yor seems to be in good spirits, while Millie asks if Loid bought Yor anything nice. When Yor denies it, Camilla and Millie are upset with Yor for having a good time. Sharon sarcastically suggests that Yor is happy because she became normal, prompting Yor to get excited. A man in a suit arrives to tell Yor that he has a phone call, informing her that it's from her special contact. When Yor picks up the phone, the caller gets a call from the Thorn Princess, saying she has a new "client".