Spy x Family Season 1 Episode 15: Operation Strix English Dub

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Loid confronts one of the enemy bomb dogs, Anya secretly rescues Loid, and Yor finds the terrorist leader who was on the run. The whole family ends up getting involved in this terrorist bombing, but what will be its conclusion?! They were also supposed to go get a dog for Anya as a reward for getting Stella, but now she says she wants to keep the mysterious, giant dog she encounters in this incident. Loid knows the truth about this dog as well as the other dogs involved in the bomb incident and tells her no, but then Anya says she will quit school if she doesn't have the dog.


Loid fires at the dog and shoots the strap holding his bomb. The dog lunges at Lloyd and pins him to the ground, prompting Keith to detonate the bomb. However, Loid had already thrown the bomb into the river behind him, so he was not injured by the explosion. Loid pulls out the dog and throws it into the trash can next to him. Keith is surprised by all this and sees that the man in the distance is not Minister Brantz. Keith realizes his plan is in trouble and tries to escape.

In the distance, Yor frantically looks around for Anya, who has once again run off alone. As he crosses the footbridge, he spots Keith driving away and jumps onto the road in front of him. Keith tries to drive forward, but Yor kicks his car off the road, causing him to crash and fall unconscious. He calls the police to find the terrorist in the accident and then continues his search for Anya.

Back at Kemono Park, the pet store run by WISE, Loid, Handler, and two other WISE agents discuss everything that happened that day. Handler says they'll let the Ostan government clean up the mess. One agent asks if that includes giving them dogs, but Handler says they'll keep them until further orders. Afterwards, Loid leaves, telling them that he must return to his family. However, they run into Anya, Bond and Yor outside the store. Anya and Yor make excuses to Loid about why they weren't at the adoption fair before Loid asks about Bond.

Yor explains their side of the story, shocking Loid, who realizes they're in a terrorist crisis and apologizes for being stuck in the toilet. Loid yells at Anya for running away, then confirms her safety and Anya tells him that Bond protected her. Loid recognizes the dog as a Project Apple test subject and can't let him run free, so he looks at Handler who acknowledges this. After Loid thanks Bond for protecting Anya, Handler and another WISE agent disguised as SSS agents approach the family for questioning. After the family answers the questions, Handler says they will have to take the dog because of his connection to terrorists. However, Anya rejects the idea, telling them that the only dog ​​she wants is Bond. Loid tries to convince her to choose another dog, but Anya is too attached to Bond after he saves her life. He tells them that if he can't keep Bond, he'll never go to school again, shocking Lloyd and Handler.

The handler gives in, shocking Loid even more. Yor asks if that would be okay, and Handler tells her he'll handle it. Loid tries to change Handler's mind, but she is determined because she doesn't want to jeopardize the Strix operation. Anya asks Handler if they will be good to the dogs and Handler assures her they will be. After discussing Anya with Loid, Handler mentions that he had a daughter around the same age and smiles, relieved that peace has won the day. He tells the family that they will take Bond overnight to check him out for any medical issues and bring him home tomorrow if there are no other issues. Yor and Anya return home and proudly reflect on how they saved the day, while Loid just sighs in pain that they only narrowly saved him.

In the morning, Anya anxiously moves around the apartment, waiting for Bond. Before WISE brings Bond into the room, he hears a buzzing from the door. Anya enthusiastically welcomes Bond to his new home as Loid and Yor smile at him. Bond remembers his past life at the Apple project, where scientists experimented on him and abused him. Anya and Yor ask if he is okay and tell him that he is now part of the Forger family. He barks excitedly at this and Anya gives him a big hug.

The next morning, Anya learns that she won't be getting the Stella Star for helping stop the terrorists because Loid says she has to keep it a secret due to East-West relations. Anya decides to go ahead with her plan to befriend Damian. She plans to tell him that she got the dog in hopes that he will invite her over to his house to compare their dogs.

In class, Anya tells Becky about getting a dog and Becky asks her out. Hearing this, Anya believes her plan will work and rushes down the hall to find Damian. She tells him that she got a dog, but Damian is indifferent to this information. Feeling that the world is doomed because her plan has failed, Anya falls to her knees in despair. Emile and Ewen praise him for taking her down easily, but Damian is confused. Shy Damian decides to indulge her and asks her dog's name. Anya gets up from her knees excitedly, but realizes she hasn't given him one yet. She says the dog's name is "Dog" and Damian leaves, telling her she's not fit to own a pet. At lunch, Anya is trying to find a name for her dog, and Becky tells her to leave it up to the parents.

Anya arrives home and is trampled by an excited Bond who is happy to see her. Loid suggests taking Bond for a walk, and Yor mentions the dog park by the library. On the way to the park, Anya wants to pass Bond, but Loid tells her to wait until she's older, so Bond doesn't end up passing her. Loid explains to her that the dog needs constant discipline and that she has a responsibility to take care of him throughout his life. He also gives Anya tips on naming their dog, which Yor is hard of hearing and imagines talking to Bond about the causes of death.

When they arrive at the park, Anya is excited to play fetch with Bond. She throws the shoe, hoping Bond will go after it, but ends up doing it herself. She wonders if it's because she doesn't have a name yet, so she walks around the park asking dog owners for their dogs' names for inspiration. While watching Anya play, Loid remembers his lecture and realizes that he's not one to talk about such things, as once he completes his mission, he leaves his family and leaves WISE to take care of them. He reminds that the "peace" between East and West is weak, citing the recent crisis as an example. He tells himself that he needs to end this cold war and believes that this is the best possible future.

After Loid tells Anya it's time to go home, Anya realizes her favorite gloves are missing. Bond sniffs the gloves and finds them in the bulldog's mouth. Anya tries to get the gloves back, but the bulldog growls at her, seeing them as his property. Bond intimidates the bulldog into dropping the gloves, allowing him to pick them up and return them to Anya. Anya imagines a similar scene from Spy Wars where Bondman recovers Princess Honey from the League of Evil to realize the perfect dog name.

When they get home, Anya wraps a bow tie around the dog's neck and introduces her parents to "Bond." The whole family approves of the name, including Bond. Anya takes out Bond's food and pours it into his bowl. As he eats, she takes a bite but realizes it doesn't taste that good. He notices Bond fidgeting, so he takes him to his "toilet" where he uses a crate to poop. The two then head to the TV to watch Spy Wars. As they play, Loid tells her to be ready to study as soon as she gets out of the tub. After the bath, Yor eagerly motions him to look around the corner, whereupon he sees Anya and Bond curled up against each other on the floor, fast asleep. Charmed at the sight of this, Loid and Yor agree to give Anya a pass from the night study.