Spy x Family Season 1 Episode 16: Operation Strix English Dub

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Loid worries that Yor has been coming home lately. Anya worries for Yora after seeing her cry in Bond's prediction. Yor, on the other hand, secretly goes to his colleague Camilla's house. What is the purpose of this?


Loida calls Franky. He's found a woman he likes and wants to teach him a winning dating formula. Driven by his enthusiasm, Loid decides to teach him the conversational skills of a great spy.



Loid notices that Yor has been coming home late lately, which makes him suspicious. Anya asks when they will have dinner and Loid says when Yor gets home. Anya then turns to Bond and asks how their dinner is.

Yor returns home with a grim face and hands covered in cuts and bandages. Loid asks if she would like dinner, but she declines, telling them to eat without her because she's not hungry. Reading Bond's mind, Anya sees a future where Yor is crying and wonders why. In her room, Yor looks at her hands and thinks that if "this" fails, she could lose her family.

The next day, as Yor and the others finish their work at Berlin City Hall, Millie invites Camilla out for a drink, though she declines. After Yor leaves, he goes to the store to do some shopping, then goes to the house with a grim face. Camilla opens the door with a worried expression and asks if "this" is really what they're doing, to which Yor nods. Camilla then yells at Yor for squashing the tomatoes, which start to drip from Yor's paper bag. Dominic welcomes Yor and Camilla yells at him for starting this.

Three days before, Yor told Camille, Millie, and Sharon that she wanted to learn how to cook because the breakfast she made put Loid on the toilet for the day. You're worried that if she doesn't learn to cook, it will jeopardize her marriage (and the undercover job). The girls don't offer much help, but Dominic overhears the conversation and tells Yor that Camilla is a great cook. Yor asks Camilla to teach her how to cook, but Camilla tries to refuse. However, Dominic pressures her to teach Yor at Camilla's house.

Back in the present, Yor excitedly puts on his apron and prepares for his next lesson. Camilla yells at Dominic and says he's going to be testing poisons on duty, but he tells her he invited someone over for that. Yuri cheerfully opens the door, happy to eat his sister's cooking again. He greets Camilla and thanks her for taking care of Yora before asking the purpose of their meeting. Yor explains that he is secretly learning to cook for Loid, which angers Yuri.

Yor decides to cook minestrone for the night and presents all the bought ingredients to Camille, who complains that Yor is buying too much. Camilla tells Yor to start peeling the potatoes, but Yor ends up cutting himself and covering the potatoes with his blood. Camilla is shocked that someone could be so bad at peeling, to which Yor replies that a knife is much better. He starts chopping some ingredients on the cutting board, but ends up cutting through the cutting board.

Camilla gets angry with Yoro and asks how she got married in the first place, which upsets Yuri. He then tells Yuri to divorce Loid and Yuri silently agrees. Yor pleads with Camilla for help because she doesn't want a divorce, and Camilla relents.

Dominic praises Camilla for having a hidden soft side that Yor never saw as hidden. Yor finishes his first meal of the day, a minestrone filled with various ingredients, including the bones and head of a fish. Dominic tells Yuri to eat, so he enthusiastically digs into his bowl. Yuri exclaims how fantastic it is while continuously eating and vomiting it. Curious, Camilla and Dominic decide to bite and fall to the floor.

Camilla yells at Yor for messing up the food so much that Yor apologizes. Camilla suggests trying something easy, like meatballs. Yor presents its ready-made meat, which looks as horrible as the soup. Yuri digs in once more and declares his life flashing before his eyes, and Dominic worriedly tells him to stop eating. Camilla remembers that Yor and Yuri grew up as orphans and deduces that the siblings' tastes must have been skewed since they only ate Yor's cooking.

Camilla asks them if they remember any meals their parents used to make. Yuri remembers the stew their mother used to make with a fried egg on top. Camilla tries to help her do it by walking her up the stairs and discovers that it must have been a Southern stew with a simple base. As Camilla carefully helps and observes Yor as she cooks, she notes that she's been a lot less robotic lately. Yor wonders aloud if it's because she's married, which angers Camilla when she dismisses the possibility, insisting it was something simple like a make-up change. Dominic compliments Camilla on being a beautiful woman, having previously also complimented the smell of Yor's stew. Camilla takes the spoon and tells her it's not bad this time. Yuri enjoys the spoon, but says it's not quite as he remembers. Camilla asks them where the siblings are from, and Yor tells her East Nielsberg. Camilla notes that they put sour cream in the stew, so she adds some. Yor and Yuri take a spoonful of stew and look at each other, realizing that this is the stew they had as children.

After the Briar siblings leave, Camilla says she is exhausted. Dominic stares at her, and when he asks what she's doing, he tells his partner that he was just admiring how cute she was. Worried, Camilla tells him to shut up.

At the Forger household, Loid goes through obedience training with Bond and sees how smart he is. While Anya complains about being hungry due to her stomach growling, Yor arrives home with a bag of ingredients. He declares that he will make dinner tonight, much to Loid and Anya's shock and concern.

As Yor starts making the stew, she explains how she took cooking lessons and apologizes for keeping it a secret. He serves them both a plate of goulash, which they bite into with apprehension. They are both surprised and tell Yor it's good. They continue to enjoy their meal and Yor begins to cry in happiness. She realizes that this marriage is not only to protect her killing job, but also because she likes to make her family happy. Loid tells her that he can't wait to see what she does next, so he gives them his food "Yor Forger original". They both enthusiastically eat the bowl before collapsing to the ground.


Franky calls Loid to tell him that he has fallen in love with someone. Uninterested, Loid turns around, wishes him good luck, and starts walking away. Franky stops Loid and asks him for help to which Loid tells him the secret is effort before walking away again. Franky threatens to sell Loid out to the secret police and receives a look of killing intent. Franky tells Loid he was joking and promises to make a smaller listening device for Loid in exchange for his assistance.

They stop by a coffee shop, where Franky tells Loid about the woman named Monica McBride, an employee at the cigar club on Fifth Street. Franky proceeds to divulge lots of personal information he has collected on her. Loid gives him a face of disappointment, calling him a stalker, which Franky complains about as Loid researches others too. Loid fires back, saying that it is part of his job. He asks why Franky even needs his help if he has already gathered this much information on her. Franky loudly whispers to him that information gathering and analysis are two very different things and that he is only good at the former.

Franky begs Loid to help him, as he keeps buying fancy cigars every day just to see Monica. Loid decides to help Franky out and proceeds to make a large conversation flowchart for him to memorize. Franky tells Loid that it is too complicated and asks for a surefire solution. Loid shoots off the idea that he could sit behind Monica and give Franky hand signals, but Franky shoots down this idea as he does not want Loid to hear their conversation.

Loid then suggests that Franky practice having a date with him, which Franky initially refuses to, but quickly changes his mind. Loid throws together a disguise of Monica, and the two of them practice having a conversation. Franky, feeling satisfied, thanks Loid and heads out to go ask out Monica, while Loid worriedly believes Franky will fail. Franky arrives at the cigar club, and Monica greets him. Franky tries talking to her but stumbles over his words.

The Forger family goes out for a walk, and Anya tells Yor she wants to go on the playground obstacle course, which Yor says would be fun. Loid notices Franky across the street, and Anya says hello to him. Loid asks Franky how it went, and he relays the excuse Monica gave for why she could not go on a date but adds that she promised to watch a movie with him someday. Reading Franky's mind, Anya gives him a consoling pat.

Franky sobs at the bar and asks for another cheap drink. However, he instead gets an expensive drink provided by Loid. They greet each other, and Franky asks why Loid is not with his family, who tells him that Yor is taking care of Anya. Franky believes that Loid just came to mock him, but Loid tells him that people like Franky and himself cannot afford to have feelings for others in their work. Franky yells at Loid since he has a wife and daughter, which Loid comments are part of his mission. Franky tells him that he is going to get drunk on Loid's tab, and Loid says he will join him.