Spy x Family Season 1 Episode 19: Operation Strix English Dub

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Damian does well in the midterm so he earns Stella. Everyone around him is praising him now, but for some reason his classmate George seems to be looking at him with distaste. The reason is...


After Yor sends Anya off to school, he finds Anya's gym clothes on her desk. At this rate, Anya is sure to have trouble in gym class. Yor runs to deliver forgotten clothes



George Glooman's father, president of Glooman Pharmaceuticals, talks to his secretary. He tells him that as of the tenth of next month, he will no longer be the president of the company. The secretary mentions the Desmond Group, but the president interrupts to tell him that the company was in dire straits financially, and he's not sure how he's going to tell his son that the company will cease to exist in a month. Standing outside the office, George hears all this and is shocked.

A month later, Eden Academy students are cleaning up the campus. Becky Blackbell comments to Anya Forger about how quiet things are now that half term is over. However, their conversation is interrupted by Damian Desmond, who performs a move he calls the "Desmond Style Rolling Sweep", which incidentally throws a pile of dirt into Anya and Becky's faces, causing them to cough. Their classmates compliment Damian on his cleaning skills and Stella Star and suggest that they form a study group with him before the next exam. Becky glares at Damian and complains about how annoying he is, but Anya says she also wants to go to Damian's study group. Becky teases Anya that she has a thing for Damian, which makes Anya wonder what that "thing" is.

Anya suddenly overhears George's thoughts and says that she will never forgive Damian. George questions how Damian got the Stella Star despite having his butler hire a spy to change Damian's test scores to bad grades. Anya is shocked to learn that the person who hired Daybreak was one of her classmates. Becky asks Anya if she likes Damian, but Anya ignores the question and says she wants to know more about George, so Becky thinks Anya will fall for any guy. Becky warns her to stay away from George because he is sullen.

Still determined to have Damian expelled, George pulls a cigarette butt from his jacket and pretends Damian picked it up off the ground. He accuses Damian of smoking and calls the teacher to report it. Damian grabs George by the shoulder and tells him to stop, but George takes a hit and throws himself to the ground to make it look like Damian attacked him. When the teacher asks what happened, George claims that he found the cigarette butt on the floor and was punched by Damian when he called the teacher.

The teacher demands an explanation from Damian. Emile and Ewen insist it's a lie, but the teacher doesn't believe them, knowing how close they are to Damian. Anya comes to Damian's defense and tells the teacher what really happened. The teacher, feeling wary of Anya, leaves and tells the students not to call him on nonsense again. Becky screams, believing it to be a romantic moment between Anya and Damian. Becky tells Anya that Damian probably knows exactly how she feels right now, but Anya is confused while Damian screams in embarrassment.

Damian confronts George and demands to know why he's trying to get him in trouble, but George cries that his whole life is over now. George explains that as of today, his family business is bankrupt thanks to the Desmond Group, who put it out of business. George believed that if he got Damian banished, his family would be too distracted to mess with Glooman Pharmaceuticals. Regardless of what happened, George says he will have to leave school because his family will be on the streets tomorrow. George expresses his envy of Damian, but Emile Elman and Ewen Egeburg tell him that Damian's family has nothing to do with his success and that George's unpopularity is his own fault.

George breaks down in tears and laments that he wants to spend the spring of his life at school. Damian wants to calm him down and offers to buy him juice. George glares at him but accepts. After finishing his juice, he talks about his regret that he could never order a fancy bowl of caviar at a cafe. Damian gets George a bowl and George then says he's always wanted to know what it's like to wear the Stella Star. Damian is irritated but lets George wear his Stella after he screws up. Afterwards, George starts talking about how sad his life will be as a slave in Westalis from now on, but Anya assures him that it will be fine, saying that the West is a peaceful land. George, happy that all his classmates treat him so well, breaks down in tears and makes one last request: to sing the school choir with everyone. Becky is the first to start singing, and eventually everyone from Cecile Hall except Anya starts singing the chorus together and dancing in a circle.

At the end of the school day, the students of Cecile Hall give George souvenirs to remember him by. They wish George a tearful farewell and tell him that he will always be a part of Cecile Hall. Back home, Anya tells Loid and Yor Forger about Georg and what happened today. Loid wonders aloud that the Desmond Group's acquisition of Glooman Pharmaceuticals is the same as them going bankrupt. After George arrives home, his father tells him that the Desmond Group saved their company, but it also means that he will no longer be the company's president. George asks if that means he's still in school, which his father confirms. When an embarrassed George returns to school the next day, Becky tells him to return everything, Damian tells him to pay for the juice, and Anya simply pats him on the shoulder.


Loid wakes Anya up early for school, but goes to bed right after. Anya oversleeps and rushes to get ready. Loid tells her that if she's late or forgets something, she'll be punished, and warns her against getting the Tontirus Bolts. Anya arrives on time for the bus and Loid leaves for work while Yor stays home to do chores. As he walks past Anya's room, he notices his P.E. uniform still on her desk and assumes Anya forgot to bring it. Yor then imagines Anya being kicked out of Eden Academy and becoming a delinquent. Yor wants to avoid this and decides to bring her a uniform. Yor puts them in his bag and runs outside, but immediately wonders which way is faster to school. Then he notices an empty alley and decides to parkour his way to school.

Yor arrives in Eden wondering where to find Anya's class. Remembering Loid's warning, Yor realizes that she should keep it a secret and find Anya herself. Suddenly, some students walk by and Yor quickly jumps to the school walls and climbs over them. Meanwhile, in class, a student tells his classmate about a rumor about a mysterious spider woman climbing their walls. When the other boy refuses, he sees a gruesome image of Yor looking for Anya at the window and screams in terror. Realizing that it's not a good idea to stand out, Yor walks around the school grounds wondering what she can do to find Anya. She suggests that she dress up as a teacher, but changes her mind after imagining being overwhelmed by students asking for homework help. Yor walks past the school farm and the entrance exam animals. The main cow recognizes Yor and bows to her, but accidentally steps on the pig's tail, causing a chain reaction of chaos among the animals.

As Yor runs away from the scene, Loid spots her from the roofs of the school. At first, she assumes she knew he was pretending to go to work and followed him, but notices the bag he's carrying. Yor eventually finds Anya and gives her P.E. uniform, but to her shock, Anya tells her that she doesn't have P.E. today. As Yor is leaving school, Loid catches up with her and asks what she is doing. Yor explains and Loid thanks her. However, Yor laments Anye's lack of help and control over her schedule, calling herself a failure as a mother. Loid denies this and fears that her depressed mood will jeopardize the mission, so he invites Yor to lunch before going to work, which she happily accepts.