Spy x Family Season 1 Episode 23: Operation Strix English Dub

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The underground tennis tournament is finally heading to the final match. The Campbell siblings, opposed by Loid and Fiona, are playing dirty as they have switched tennis rackets as well as the staff helping them. But the WISE spy duo overcome one obstacle after another, and Loid delivers the final blow! Right after the match, however, State Security learns about the file and infiltrates the tournament.


A floor tile sinks to the ground next to Lloyd, but he jumps over it and returns the ball, winning the point. Carrol Campbell tries to hit the ball into another sunken tile and bounce it back in his direction, but Fiona catches the ball and slams it into their side for another point. Carrol decides to change plans: manipulate the height of the net. He signals to the staff and they comply. Loid and Fiona notice the changes and decide to bypass them. When the Campbells find their tricks aren't working, they try more against the Foneys, from gusts of wind to dousing the ball with foul-smelling spray. However, their plans were only slightly thwarted by the Foneys who would win the set and level the scores.

Loid praises Fiona and her abilities, which she likes. As the final set begins, Fiona thinks about how she wants the match to last forever. She wonders if she could do it by prolonging it with an indefinite series of tiebreaks, but backs off, realizing that she might lose Lloyd's respect and that he's finally found his groove again. Loid sees how focused Fiona looks and is glad to finally be in control. Meanwhile, the Campbell siblings decide to "call in the big guns". The game begins and Loid doesn't see any tricks used and wonders if the siblings have given up. As Fiona is about to return, Loid sees Carrol making a tongue signal and then catches a glimpse of the pipe behind him. Inside, the sniper prepares to fire and aim at Fiona. Loid moves quickly, grabs Fiona, takes the bullet and falls to the ground, surprising everyone, including Fiona.

As the commentators relay the events, Fiona asks if Loid is okay, which he confirms. He then shows the bullet to Fiona and reveals that it is rubber and where the sniper is. Fiona apologizes for allowing this, but Loid reveals that he was counting and had a flak jacket under his shirt, and Fiona is stunned. Carrol is also stunned to see Lloyd get up and walk away after he shoots him. Fiona says this is going too far, even for Campbelldon, and suggests penalizing staff for the disruption. Loid doubts this as most of the tournament staff seem to be in Campbell's pocket and any disruption to their match could jeopardize their chances of getting the picture. However, the projectiles have a low velocity and the agents may attempt to throw off the sniper's target with a decoy if they can pick up the signals. The linesman asks if Loid is okay, and Loid says he has a hangover.

The game continues and Loid serves his. He sees Carrol give another signal and realizes he's going to target him mid-service. Loid staggers around mid serve and to add to the confusion, hits the ball. The sniper radios the "backyard response unit" for help, telling them to do whatever it takes to ensure the siblings' victory. Their tricks don't work on agents who predict their movements and act around them. The sniper calls the ball boys to make a move. As Team Foney prepares to return the serve, Loid notices one of the ball boys pointing his wrist in his direction. The ball boy fires a hidden bullet at Loid, who deflects it, and the commentator sees Loid swinging into nothingness. Fiona notes that they now have two more things to worry about, but Loid says that unlike the sniper, the ball guys are much easier to read and won't do much damage. Loid decides to finish the match and the crowd is shocked by the team's bizarre moves during the game.

A frustrated Cavi Campbell yells at his kids to pull together and beat their opponents because he knows the stakes are high for this match. The ball and bullet are fired at Lloyd, but he deflects them with a wide swing. The ricocheted bullet hits Carrol in the stomach and he staggers. The linesman asks if Carrol is okay and Carrol says he has stomach cramps after having too much milk in the morning. Seeing both teams looking weakened in the final stretch, the commentator called the match a battle of wills as the crowd cheered. As they play, Carrol thinks about not wanting to lose, but sees that he is no match for Lloyd. Loid jumps in front of Carrol and slams the balls under the boy's feet. This gives the Foneys a championship match and the men who bet on them stand up and cheer as Cavi sinks to his seat in astonishment.

Caroll approaches Lloyd and realizes that even though they were aware of the tricks, the Foneys still won. Carrol breaks down in tears and admits that this is the first time he's been disappointed in himself. Loid encourages Carrol to become a great player one day, and Carrol vows to train hard for Loid. Fiona thinks that Loid is not only trying to complete his mission, but also to reform his enemies, which is why she loves him. Kim Campbell sees this and thinks how lame it is. Cavi breaks down in tears and says that despite the loss, he gained something after seeing how much his son has grown, while the member points out how much money he just lost. One of Cavi's men interrupts and whispers a message, which Loid notices.

After the game, the Foneys go through a catalog full of all the art in Cavi's collection. Fiona chooses Lady in the Sun, but Cavi seems to tell them he can't give it to them because it's due to circumstances beyond his control. However, Cavi will promise any other item and even give them an extra charge as an apology. Fiona and Loid whisper to each other as they realize Cavi got a call from the SSS who must have gotten the same information and must be on their way to pick it up as they speak. Cavi speaks up and asks if they will accept his offer, and Fiona asks to see the collection in person. Fiona complies with her request and is taken to a private room full of Cavi's art. Cavi asks where Loid is and Fiona says he went to sleep off his hangover and not to worry about him. He then looks at the Lady in the Sun and sees her in the room. Fiona asks Cavi for a recommendation for her choice and if she can leave the bag on a nearby counter, which he allows.

Cavi's butler approaches Cavi about the Lady in the Sun and Cavi tells him that the SSS will arrive in 10 minutes and set it up for them in the lobby. As the butler prepares the painting at the counter, one of the men tells him to hurry. When the SSS arrives, they pick up the painting and thank Cavi for his cooperation before leaving. Cavi has his butler see Fiona, who asks if WISE will let them moonlight as tennis pros. The butler takes off his face mask, revealing himself to be Loid, and says he's had enough of tennis for a while. As they leave, Loid asks Fiona what she chose for their prize, and she shows him a strange pot that Cavi recommended, along with some gaudy rings he threw inside. The agents then agree to give them to Handler as a souvenir. On the way home, Loid admits that he panicked a bit when Cavi refused to give them the Lady in the Sun, but reveals that they successfully retrieved her. After planning, Loid brought a fake painting and swapped it with the original while disguised as a butler, sneaking the original into Fiona's bag. This will leave the SSS to search through the fake and find a secret code that doesn't exist. Seeing the secret code on the painting, Loid and Fiona decide to take it to HQ for analysis and compliment each other on completing the mission.

Near Forger's neighborhood, Fiona offers to drive Loid to his house, she wants to spend more time with him. Loid takes off his mask and reminds her that he's a happily married man who doesn't want anyone to get the wrong idea if they saw him walking away from the young lady's car, adding that people get reported to the SSS for infidelity all the time. Fiona's heart races and she wonders in her mind if Loid recognizes her abilities and if she is a better wife and partner. Loid is dropped off at the park, and before he can say goodbye to Fiona, he's interrupted by Yor, who calls Anya and Bond to go home.

Loid notices his family still playing in the park as Fiona gets out of the car and greets Yor, scaring her. Loid also comes to greet them, explaining that Fiona gave him a ride home while she thought to stop by to say hello. Fiona looks at Yor's racket and asks her if she plays tennis. Yor explains that she and Anya recently practiced with Loid, and Anya proudly states that she hit many home runs. Loid thanks them for their help and Fiona mocks them in her mind. Fiona believes that Yor is presumptuous for trusting Loid and says that she would help Loid achieve the next greatness. Fiona challenges Yor to a game.

Loid asks what Fiona is doing, and she explains in code that she wants to make sure Yor is ready for the physical demands of Operation Strix. In her mind, Fiona plans to crush Yor and make her give up her role as a mother. Loid tells Yor that she doesn't have to accept, but Yor believes that if she refuses or loses, Loid will report her to the SSS for being a weak tennis player and replace her with Fiona, so she accepts the challenge. Reading both of their minds, Anya senses the tension between the women and flashes back to Becky, who excitedly tells her about the latest episode of Berlint in Love, where the protagonist's fiance meets her childhood friend, but Anya can't sympathize. preferred cartoons. On the current situation, Anya says she understands what Becky was talking about and says she also likes action battles. Before their game begins, Fiona tells Yor to come to her with everything he has. Yor agrees with Fiona's statement and decides to go all out and take a big swing at submission. However, Yor seems to miss the shot and the ball falls to the ground.

Fiona scoffs at this, but sees the ball suddenly cut into small pieces. Yor thinks about how he always cuts the ball when he swings too hard and decides to hold back a bit if he wants to hit the ball. After receiving another ball from Anya and Bond, Yor tells a stunned Fiona that he's trying again. As Fiona tries to process what just happened, Yor swings a ball that travels faster than sound and in a perfectly straight line. Fiona tries her best to return the ball, but she tries to push it forward. She thinks about how her love for Twilight can't lose to Yor standing in the way of her ambitions. Fiona ends up failing and the ball goes through her racket.

Fiona falls to the ground, shocked at her defeat. Yor rushes over to Fiona and asks if she's okay, while Loid thinks about how he warned Fiona. Fiona declares Yor the winner for now, but one day challenges her to a rematch. Fiona tells Yor to enjoy life until then before she leaves, tearfully declaring that she will never give up. Yor wonders if she upset Fiona somehow, but Loid says that Fiona is very passionate about tennis and Anya thinks how energetic she is. Loid hopes Fiona hasn't given Yor the wrong idea, but because of their sham marriage, he can't imagine Yor being influenced. His thoughts are interrupted by Yor who excitedly shouts her victory. Loid confirms Yor's victory and she returns home. Loid is starting to feel exhausted, and as night approaches, Anya says she's hungry and decides to get him something.

The next day, Loid meets Sylvia Sherwood, who tells him that Fiona went to the mountains to practice her swing speed. Sylvia continues to brief them on their findings from the secret code and gives Loid the "Zacharis Dossier" in the form of Erik Zacharis' diary. While reading it, Loid learns that the threat Zacharis was hiding was his collection of star photographs. Zacharis liked the theater and bought postcards to support actresses, but his wife disapproved of them and told him to get rid of them. Unable to say goodbye to them, he locked up his collection so that it wouldn't rekindle the flames of discord between him and his wife. Stunned by the revelation, Loid asks how the rumors in the dossier started. A WISE Agent tells him that before the war ended, Zacharis hosted Western diplomats for a musical performance and made them swear to silence so his wife wouldn't find out. Over the years, the story has evolved into the current legend.

Realizing that he went to all this trouble for some postcards, Loid tries to find a bigger mystery behind it, but Sylvia assures him that it wasn't a bomb to start the war again and considers it a victory. Loid sees a picture of Zacharis smiling with his wife and daughter and thinks how any lie is justified in the name of peace. On the way home, Loid goes to the bakery and orders an apple pie and a slice of caramel pecan pie for Yor and Anya. Back at home, Anya plays with Bond in the living room while Yor sits on the couch with a dazed expression.

Meanwhile, Fiona trains in the mountains with a large rock tied to a pole and roars as the wildlife watches in fear from the side.