Spy x Family Season 1 Episode 24 English Dub

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Yor becomes concerned about their sham marriage after Fiona shows up. Loid notices this and thinks that Yor has started to develop romantic feelings for him. She switches her Twilight mode for the mission.


Becky takes Anya to a department store so they can buy Anya some cute clothes. She uses her rich girl skills and rents out the entire store where they start their own little fashion show.



Yor trudges home from work with a dazed expression. The neighbors greet Yor and ask if she's okay, and she mutters that she's being kicked to the curb and is crazy to think tennis would make a difference. The neighbors assume Loid is cheating on Yor and hope to report him to the SSS. Loid overhears their gossip and wonders if Yor has grown suspicious of Fiona. He realizes that this is bad for appearances, and if Yor ever tells Yuri about the recent events involving Fiona, it seems that Loida will be caught by the SSS.

At the Forger flat, Anya and Bond are playing with Franky, who seems to be enjoying himself. Loid sees this and decides to head out, but is interrupted by a frisbee to the head. Franky expresses her irritation at having to babysit every time Loid goes out. Loid explains that he has to clear up Yor's misunderstanding about his relationship with Fiona. Franky tells him to do it at home, but Loid says there are certain things he can't talk about in front of Anya. Loid decides to pay Franky for his help and Franky quickly changes his tune and takes Anya and Bond to the park.

Later, Loid meets Yor and takes her to a bar. Inside, Yor gets a red queen cocktail while Loid has his usual scotch. He then toasts her hard work with Anya and cleaning. Yor wonders what it's all about, feeling that Loid wants to tell her something, but quickly jumps to the conclusion that he's going to replace her with Fiona. Loid tries to bring up yesterday's incident with Fiona, and Yor suddenly cries out, believing her thoughts to be true. Yor then wonders what he will do when he is no longer part of the Forger family. She remembers that she and Lloyd got married out of self-interest, so she has no right to pry into his personal life. Assuming that Fiona is someone he legitimately cares about, Yor decides to walk away from their sham marriage for the sake of his happiness.

She tries to inform Loid of her decision, but can't bring herself to say anything. Yor seeks power through liquid courage and drinks it and Loid. However, a now drunk Yor asks Lloyd if he is in love with Fiona and demands an answer. Loid tries to explain that he and Fiona have a strictly professional relationship, but Yor doesn't listen and talks about how she's a bad wife and not pretty like Fiona. He lingers as he remembers Loid saying she was pretty and believes he must be bored with her now. Loid realizes that Yor was jealous and has romantic feelings for him. Although initially surprised by the revelation, Loid enters "Twilight Mode" in 0.1 seconds and immediately takes advantage of the situation to attempt a honey trap on Yor.

Loid clasps his hands, tells her to trust him, and asks if she hates him. Yor is surprised by Lloyd's sudden advances and her heart starts racing. Loid continues, and before he can ask her to be his true wife, he is interrupted by an embarrassed Yor kicking him in the chin and launching himself into the air. Loid lands gracefully on his feet, seemingly unscathed, and the onlookers applaud. However, he starts fidgeting and interprets Yor's powerful kick as a rejection, concluding that she doesn't have romantic feelings for him after all. As Yor frantically apologizes to Loid, he tries to make sense of the situation. Loid believes he botched the emotional analysis and wonders if being with Yor has thrown him off balance as he loses consciousness.

While sleeping, Loid hears a lullaby his mother used to sing him when he was little. He wakes up to find himself resting his head on Yor's lap, who is singing a lullaby. Distraught, Loid gets up and asks what happened, and Yor explains that they got kicked out of the bar for causing a ruckus, so she brought him to a nearby park while Loid slept for about five minutes. Loid realizes that he hasn't passed out since his training days and is careless. Yor apologizes to Loid, saying that all he has is brute strength, and assumes that's why he's ready to move on. Loid confides in Yor about his mother, who always kept him safe, even during the war, because she was strong. Loid talks about how Anya wouldn't be her smiling, energetic self if Yor didn't give her that sense of security. Loid then thinks about how the agents of the state worked hard to rebuild the world with their blood, sweat, and tears, but Yor was able to do it all by herself, and tells Yor that she is strong.

Loid assures Yor that she is an incredible mother and has no intention of replacing her as Anya's guardian. Yor says that she is not an expert because she only knows what she learned while taking care of Yuri. Loid says he's right: since Yor has been parenting since he was a kid, he's second to none. He tells her to believe in herself more and therefore hopes that she will continue to be Anya's mother and his wife. Yor cries and happily accepts. They decide to go home and Yor says he will make them hot tea when he gets back.

At home, Anya waits for Loid and Yor to return, noting how late they are and suggesting they "stick together", a phrase she learned from Becky. Franky suddenly asks if Anya likes her parents, to which she replies that she does. Loid and Yor return shortly after and Anya and Bond rush to greet them. Anya asks if they were flirting, but stops when she sees Lloyd with a swollen chin and an embarrassed Yor behind him. Franky bursts out laughing and Anya calls Loid a beard monster. Yor laughs to herself as Franky picks up Anya who tries to touch Lloyd's chin. As she serves everyone tea, Yor thinks about how she was just as surprised as everyone else when she got married. Since Yuri was the only attachment she'd ever had, she never imagined she'd find a place with the Forgers that she didn't want to leave.

The next day, Yor wakes up to find Loid's swollen chin. Loid is shocked that she has forgotten everything that happened yesterday and they end up having the same conversation again.


Damian Desmond, Emile Elman and Ewen Egeburg check the school bulletin and see that the Imperial Scholar meeting starts next week. Although the event has nothing to do with the boys, they eagerly discuss how they will eventually become Imperial Scholars. Peeking from a corner, Anya watches the group and recaps her goal to become an Imperial Scholar and help Loid with Operation Strix. However, Anya has given up on getting Stella's eight stars, discouraged by her lack of progress in academics and sports. Anya decides on plan B: befriending Damian, which isn't any better. While Anya thinks, the boys see Anya staring at them; Damian tells her to stop staring while Emile tells her to leave.

Anya expresses her frustration and Becky shows up and says the same, albeit for a different reason. Becky says she knows how Anya feels because it's hard to communicate love. Anya then thinks about the things she loves: Loid, Yor, peanuts, and cartoons. When Anya brings it up with Damian, he flatly denies it, and Becky assumes he's embarrassed. Becky decides to help Damian fall in love with Anya. He says that boys are easily fooled by appearances, so if Anya dresses cute, Damian will definitely fall in love with her. So Becky and Anya go shopping on the weekend.

Martha Marriott, Becky's chambermaid, takes the girls to the mall and Anya is excited to ride in their fancy car. Becky complains that she didn't see Loid when she picked up Anya and how tough a match Yor will be when he sees how pretty she is. Hearing this, Martha quietly dissuades Becky from shipwreck. Becky compliments Anya's bag (by working class standards) and asks what's inside. Anya produces a large wad of money, shocking Martha. Before leaving, Loid donated spending money to Anya, believing that creating a positive relationship with the Blackbells could have serious benefits. Anya wonders how many peanuts she can buy with that money, but Becky reminds her that they're buying clothes.

At the mall, employees from the clothing department are standing by to greet Becky. The lady informs Becky that they have prepared a line of brand new haute couture fashions for her. Anya is surprised by all of this and asks Becky if her father is the "Prince of Darkness." Becky tells Anya that the store usually brings her items home, but she was so excited to go shopping with Anya that she booked the entire store. With that, Becky helps Anya find a look that even Damian can't resist.

Anya tries on different stylish outfits while Becky shares her thoughts. Afterwards, Anya gets exhausted and notes that fashion is hard. Becky agrees and says they can't narrow down their options when they don't even know what Damian likes. Anya points out that she wears her uniform to school every day so Damian won't see her new clothes. Becky says that at the end of term there are parties in all the halls and students will be allowed to wear street clothes with the teacher's permission. Becky realizes that if the parties are open to parents, Loid will most likely be there. She shouts that she needs something too and asks a shocked Anya what look Loid prefers. Becky also tries on different outfits and wonders what Loid would like. After finishing, Becky concludes that she doesn't even know anymore and decides to buy them all, much to Martha's dismay and Anya's shock.

Becky asks what Anya decided on, but Anya tells her she can't look at the clothes anymore, so Becky says they can look at the shoes. The girls check out all the fixtures in the store while the boxes Martha is carrying continue to be stacked. They stop at a cafe to rest and have sweets. Covered in boxes, Martha sternly tells Becky that she bought too much. Becky notes that Anya didn't get anything; Anya says she doesn't even know what she wants and reiterates that fashion is hard. Becky gives a silent look, then sheepishly asks if Anya had fun shopping. Anya smiles brightly and tells Becky that she had so much fun since it's her first time shopping with a friend, and Becky is touched to be called her friend. Becky decides to find something Anya wants while Martha watches from the sidelines with a smile.

The girls head to a stuffed animal store, but Anya's attention is drawn to a sheep keychain. Anya asks what a sheep is, and Becky explains that it's the department store's mascot. Seeing how cute it is, Anya decides to buy one, saying it will be a memory of their shopping trip and proof that they survived. Becky is hesitant to get one because she remembers her father saying he didn't want her to wear anything less than the best. Before Becky can think, Anya has already bought her one. Martha urges her to accept the gesture of friendship, saying her father would have said the same, and an embarrassed Becky then takes the key ring. He asks Anya why they went shopping and Anya says she forgot. They brush it off and decide to go home.

Becky and Anya fall asleep on the way back and Martha goes back to Becky's time before Eden. When Becky was in preschool, she used to pick on other kids and call them brats. After learning that she will be attending Eden Academy, Becky expresses her disgust, saying that the school has poorly behaved children. As Martha prepared Becky's uniform, she told her madam that the first step to growing up is realizing that you don't have what it takes. Later, after returning from Eden, Becky tells Martha about Anya and how school might not be so bad after all. Back in the present, Martha looks at Becky and Anya's sleeping faces and expresses her happiness for Becky.

After returning home, Loid is amazed to see the key ring that cost 300 dollars a piece. Bond is sitting on the side, frowning at the key ring.

At the start of school, Becky and Anya greet each other and happily talk about their matching keychains. Damian and his friends passing by see the girls chatting and the bright smiles on their faces catch Damian's eye. Ewen asks Damian what's going on with him and he quickly dismisses him in embarrassment.