Spy x Family Season 1 Episode 17: Operation Strix English Dub

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Anya and Damian are in the same group in arts and crafts class. Anya is eager to help Damian with his craft for "Operation Griffin!"


Sylvia, a WISE administrator, works as an attaché in the West. She is constantly being watched and her daily life does not allow her to show any openness.


The Briar family in childhood. Yor serves omelette rice for Yuri, who grows up with all the love of his older sister.



Becky greets Anya as they go to school in the morning. Becky asks if Anya saw the episode of Berlint in Love that aired last night, but Anya says she only watches cartoons. Becky starts talking about how childish Anya is for not knowing what love is. Emile and Ewen overhear this and mock them for talking nonsense.

However, Anya ignores them as she sees Damian and has made a new plan to befriend him. Yesterday she had a family photo taken with Bond so she could impress Damian with her huge dog. He drops the photo on the ground and draws attention to it. However, Damian and his gang just walk away and ignore her. Instead, Becky picks up the photo and sees Anya's father Loid, whom she finds very dreamy, and takes her for herself despite Anya's pleas.

They later start their art class with Henry Henderson as their teacher because the art teacher is sick. He assigns them an arts and crafts project on the theme of "animals". However, materials are distributed by table, which means that each table must manage resources together. Damian initially sees the activity as childish, but after hearing that their success in it may be down to their secret transcripts, he decides to put some effort into it. Henry announces the tables with Damian and Anya at the same table, which upsets the former. Becky says goodbye to Anya as they are at different tables, but Anya just anxiously asks for her photo back so she can impress Damian.

Unable to get her photo back, she decides she will have to make a Bond model instead to show off to Damian. Henry looks over the students' work and collaboration and notices Becky's creation. Becky tells him that she made Loid, which shocks Henry, who tells her to start over since the topic is "animals". However, Becky stands firm in her work and tells Henry that humans are animals. Henry realizes she's right and tells her to keep going, but Becky decides to start over anyway because "Loids are more evolved than simple animals."

At Anya's desk, Anya finishes making her paper Bond and shows it to Damian. Damian is not impressed and calls it rubbish, which makes Anya despair. Emile asks Damian what he's doing, to which Damian replies that he's making a griffin, his family's emblem. He tells those at his table not to use too much paper because it takes a lot before they get a vision of his father praising his work. Anya, reading his mind, imagines helping him do it and showing it to Damian's father. Anya offers Damian her help and the paper, which shocks him as he didn't expect her to submit her Bond model. Anya tells Damian that she just wants to help him, which makes him blush.

Damian instructs Anya to make the back legs of the griffin and gives her the plans for the model. Instead, he continues to make jet engines, which angers Damian. Instead, he tells her to make feathers for the wings, for which she made different sized strips of paper. Damian yells at Anya for wasting all his papers and leaves her crying, then starts going around his seatmates. This tacky behavior attracts the attention of Henry, who berates Damian.

The students continue to work on their art projects, and Anya decides to turn her Bond model into a small griffon to pair with Damian's. The students' art projects are displayed in the corridor, which is passed by a group from the board of trustees. While seeing several well put together art projects, they arrive at Damian and Anya's work, which looks tattered and disintegrated. Henry informs Damian that his artwork won first prize due to the board's interpretation of it as a powerful vision of the nation's rebound from the war. Anya tells Damian that his parents will probably be proud, but he tells her that he has no intention of showing art to his parents.

Damian returns to his dorm and calls his butler, Jeeves. Damian asks how his dog Max is doing before Jeeves asks if he's coming home for the weekend, which Damian declines as his father won't be there and he also wants to stay in the dorms to study for their mid-term exams. Damian is about to tell Jeeves about his art project before he decides to ask what his father's reaction was to the orientation incident. Jeeves tells Damian that his father was worried, which Damian doesn't believe. Damian ends the call and goes to study with Emil and Ewen. He then thinks about how Donovan doesn't care about him and vows to become an Imperial Scholar to please his father and earn his respect. Meanwhile, a confused Henry looks over Damian's art project and wonders aloud how he got first place.


Sylvia Sherwood is a Handler in the Eastern Division of Westalia Intelligence Services, WISE. He officially serves as an attaché at the Westalis embassy in Ostania, but commands a corps of intelligence agents, even under the strict supervision of the secret police. Her agents nickname her the "Fullmetal Lady" because of her flawless performance in such harsh conditions.

Sylvia is walking down the street when two SSS agents start following her. She quickly identifies other people in the crowd who are following her. She heads to the public pool every Wednesday, maintaining the same clothes, errands and route to lull men into a false sense of security. The men watching her get bored and decide to get something to eat while they wait for her to leave the pool. Sylvia quickly changes into new clothes and a short black wig and leaves the pool without alerting the man.

In his disguise, he meets with Twilight and informs him of what they learned from the financial records of Donovan Desmond's partners. As they talk, Loid notices that Sylvia forgot to cut the price tag on her new coat, but refuses to point it out to her out of fear.

Another time, Loid is trying to meet Sylvia and needs help to lose his pursuers. Sylvia looks into a nearby shop window and reflects Loid signaling the location of her pursuers. Loid asks if they should cancel via secret comm. Sylvia refuses and tells him to meet at point C. At the rendezvous point, Loid reports that Anya can now jump two vaulting horses and jump rope five times in a row. Sylvia looks at him thinking he must be joking.


Back in the past, Yor feeds Yuri omelette rice, which she happily eats while throwing up. Yor also serves him pasta and pie, both ending up with the same result. After the meal, Yuri compliments her sister's cooking and says that she will get a husband soon. Embarrassed, Yor slaps Yuri and ends up throwing him across the room. All this helped Yuri to develop a strong body.

Back in the present, SSS Lt. notes how Yuri was hit by a truck the other day when he was dizzy after four all-nighters. He warns Yuri to be careful, but Yuri assures him that he is fine.